Thursday, September 10, 2009

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Today was Landon's infant class meet and greet. We went to see the classroom and meet the teachers and other parents. There are 8 kids in the class...3 boys and 5 boy will be pulling tail in no time :). 2 of the mommies were in my hey baby that was exciting. We are all first time moms. It was cool to swap notes. They both have girls around 7 weeks old. There are 3 girls born within 4 days of one another. Landon is currently the youngest but will be second youngest once the last boy is born. The oldest kid(Grant) was born in there is a big difference. Each kid gets a color to represent them. We then get a roll of tape that color to put on all their stuff. Landon got orange...we were wanting red...o well :)....better than carolina blue. LT can officially start daycare at 6 weeks and we start paying for it then. I might use them as a mommy morning out sometimes to maybe go to SAS for a run or something.

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