Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our First OB Visit

Welp today was our first prenatal appointment. I went in and gave a vat of blood and peed in a cup. Then got the whole blood pressure and height mumbo jumbo. The nurses were really funny and all cutting up with one another….definitely my kinda place. So far so good. Then we went back to meet Dr. Siedel. He is GREAT. He talks a mile a minute…which is just fine by me. He is very funny and blunt. I got a goody bag of stuff(that I haven’t gone through yet) and he went over the basics. I was impressed. I took a sheet of questions and he answered all but 3 without me asking! He saw my notebook and asked if I was Type A and then proceeded to make fun of me. He told me to get used to it because just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean he won’t make fun of people. I told him I would do the same in return.

He reassured some things I was worried about like sleeping on my back. A lot of places I read said it was bad to sleep on your back because you could cut off the blood supply back the heart….this did seem a little odd but I bought into it. He said that isn’t a problem…if I get into a state where it could be, he would let me know. So now I can finally sleep! Hallelujah! Also the whole caffeine scare thing. He noted the recent studies that came out(which Kevin found on that DAMN CNN) and said that those women were JACKED UP on caffeine. A soda every once in awhile or a cup of coffee isn’t going to hurt anything. Also he said putting Splenda in stuff is just fine and his exact words were “If you are using 40 Splenda packets a day, you let me know because you probably need to go to Holly Hill.” So this was all fun and great and very helpful. They also have a great computer system with tablet PCs. He gets his missed calls right there on it. Awesome stuff. Also to note, this practice has 2 OBGYNS. I will bounce between the 2. They say it is so we get used to them both and get the same great treatment all the time. I like it. And I hear the other Dr. is just as great from Jen.

After all the office talk, I went and had a pap. Kevin got to be in the room…so I am sure it was more of an event for him than me. It was super fast and over with…nothing to it. Then they did a transvaginal ultrasound. It looks like we were off a little of the timing of Pumpkin. It was too small to tell anything yet and of course no heart beat yet. We are scheduled for another appointment next Thursday to try again…joy..another week of waiting! But he said that the sac(amniotic I am guessing) looked “good and thick”. Most likely we are just off by a few days…which would make sense to me since I had a 35 cycle…so I would ovulate later than a regular 28 day gal. But he did a little measurement and Pumpkin is .77 cm wide. He also said that it looked so healthy that he doesn’t think it would be a miscarriage…at least not now. I was a little disappointed because I had gotten carried away and got a little too excited for today….but I can just wait until next week…and then hopefully we can get ourselves a due date!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Before

So part of what I wanted to do in this journal is do a log of my changes. With that, you always need a start. On a full scale, I had a physical in July and under went a fitness profile in the fall to do a extensive preconception workup. I was healthy as a horse. I also talked with the trainers at the gym for good exercises to do to prepare my body. I enrolled in pilates for my core and back muscles, changed my running schedule, and added in more strength training and weights for my stamina. Without further ado...I give you pre-preggers Brandy:

Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 113 lbs
Body Fat: 24%
Bust: 34.5"
Waist: 26.3"
Hips: 35.5"
Body Mass Index: 20.8
Blood Pressure: 94/66

Curl-ups in 1 min: 62
Push-ups until exhaustion: 43
Sit & Reach: 14.5"
Aerobic capacity: 43.9 vo2

So here we go....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Babymobile!

We bought a new car! We traded the Civic for a 2008 CR-V. I got a little sad pulling away from my old car. I will miss her a lot...and her awesome gas mileage. We got a Glacier Blue EX with gray interior. 4WD and all that jazz. Being the "get it done" kinda family, we did the whole deal of car shopping in a little under 3 hours. I will take pictures tomorrow when it is a light out. Now we just have to pass this new purchase off as just a planning step to the people we haven't told. And to note, we thought about it long before this...but I needed to take my car in for a check today and we figured we might as well go ahead and do it before mine got any more mileage on it.

Well that is all the excitement for now. I am pretty tired...

Week what?

So I am definitely ready for next week's appointment. I can not, for the life of me, figure out what "week" it is. When I called the Dr. to make the appointment, she told me that they will meet with me between 7-12 weeks and said they were available next does that make today the beginning of week 6? Then why do these websites confuse the crap out of me? One says Week 4 but then in the description, it says I might not be able to get a positive pregnancy test yet. Well that has obviously already happened...and even if I hadn't, why would I have a due date to set the calendar on the website? Silly. So I am going with the assumption that I am starting the 6th week today. Shew!

As for other news, I decided to name "it". Going with the October theme...I have chosen Pumpkin :). Now I don't have to say things like "hey you down there". It may be silly but it will be easier for referring to here and, hell, it's pretty freakin cute.

Had lunch with a friend from my last job today and the conversation got around to kids. He started asking when we were going to have kids. I felt weird just lying but I said "probably sooner rather than later". Close call. Hope I don't have more of those.

Well we are off to look at new big cars!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Girls

Ok so I have been blessed thus far in my life that I have been able to be thrifty with my athletic "lingerie"....that is about to change. I went out for my first run in almost a week today and the awesome Target sports bras that I adore are going to be of no use. It's time for some reinforcements. I spent a better part of the run in woods (where no one else was) holding the "girls" down. Man was it painful. I know my mother is just laughing her head off now. 24 years of "you just wait" are catching up with me.

On a brighter note, the run was refreshing and I haven't been too tired this afternoon. Anissa was back today so I got to tell someone! So we had lots to chat about on our run and the time passed quickly. I even realized we forgot to turn for the short route and just kept on going!

Well now I am on a quest to find a new sports bra....preferably something from the designer Duct Tape line...

Monday, February 18, 2008


It is! Well I am officially preggers....that was quick :). Took 2 tests while Kevin was out shopping on Saturday and couldn't believe it(hence the 2). So I went out and bought him a card and a pair of baby Crocs. Wrapped them up with the test and gave it to him telling him I felt bad that I didn't buy him a valentines present. He got SUPER pissed! So I told him just to open it. He opened it and went straight for the shoes and didn't say a word..then read the card and was super excited. Then started to question the 2 lines. So he went out and bought 2 digital tests. I decided to wait until morning like everything I read told me. And this morning, the EPT told me in clear print :).

So this morning I took a pictures of the test and called Mom. I told her I was e-mailing her a picture of this cool new thing. She was super excited and already wanting to know what color afghan she could knit :). She is coming up next month for my birthday. Then we were already slated to go over the Kevin's parents for him to help do some projects. So we wrapped the shoes back up in an Asics box. Kevin got the box out and told them he wanted their opinion on these new shoes I bought him. Ray caught on real quick while Deb just starred blankly. They both broke into tears and were so excited.

It was been a whirlwind day and a half and I can't wait to tell others soon. I am excited to tell Anissa but, of all days, she has tomorrow off! We are only planning on telling a few right now and then waiting a bit. I hope to get an appointment at healthcare tomorrow. What should be fun is that Deb's good friend is my nurse :). By my calculations, we are looking at late October early November for a due our October -March holiday crunch lives on.

As for symptoms, last week I started getting tired in the afternoons at work. I thought it might be the combo of my no caffiene change and getting back from vacation. I was due for Aunt Flow Thursday I took a test and it came up negative. Saturday morning, still no Auntie and I felt pretty I went out to the store at lunch and picked up more tests....and then here we are.

I am very excited and nervous. This really hasn't even sunk in yet. I just feel bloated and tired. And I HATE being tired...o well...more naps for me. We hope to tell the grandparents this week or over the weekend. I know they will be pretty excited. We have also found out that people ask Kevin's parents all the time when we were having one ever asks us....which was just fine :). Well I have my books I borrowed from Anissa and I am a reading machine. I am sure there will be more soon to update on. I hope this can be my pregnancy diary to look back on and be a guide for my friends down the road. I know reading personal accounts has been helpful for me. With that, I have a few websites to note: - general questions and tools, along with message boards to hear from other people. - very funny and a good comparisons of home pregnancy tests with pictures of positive results from people.

So first day back and work and I am feeling good. Just got back from Body Sculpt at the gym and I am exhausted. It was actually an easier class but man did I get tired easily. On the upside, I lifted heavier weights with more reps maybe I am becoming a tired super hero. Got my first OB appointment next Wednesday. I polled the ladies in the office last fall to see where everyone went. Jen seemed the most enthusiastic about hers and upon further reading, I think I will like them too.

I had my blood work done this morning before work. Kevin came with me since we were carpooling anyway. Jean (my usual nurse and family friend) saw us both and got really worried. She was asking Kevin what was wrong and was I ok. He told her we were perfectly ok....and then she got it :). I was so excited...I filled the vile faster than I ever have because my heart was just a beating.

Well my hopes is that this is my journal for the next nine months and I will post my starting stats tomorrow once I get a tape measure.

Whoo hoo :)