Monday, August 31, 2009

Damn You Day Time Television

Maternity leave is a fickle bitch. You get this time to recover and bond with your baby. That is wonderful. But then you have these ranging hormones, a fussy baby, and then the dreaded, daytime television! For those of you who know me well, you know I am not an overly emotional person. Even in pregnancy, I kept waiting for these crying spells everyone talked about. You know the scene. Prego lady crying at a Kleenex commercial. I never had that. I don't even know if I cried while pregnant at all. Well those suckers are coming at me full force.

This first instance happened before we even got out of the hospital. I was feeding Landon and watching CSI reruns. Kevin went to refill my water cup (literally seconds) and by the time he was back I was bawling and yelling for him to change the channel. It was the episode where the couple basically euthanize their baby because they think he has tay-sachs like their last baby they lost. Yeah...and of course the baby didn't have tay-sachs. I was a puddle of goo. Now to note, I know it has to be directly related to me doing something with Landon. Feeding being a big one...which I know hormones are raging. Reason I say this, I have been watching A LOT of CSI these past few weeks and that hasn't happened again. And there have been dead kids and ridiculous scenarios galore. I am posting this now because it just happened again. Landon has been pretty fussy today except for the cat naps he has taken on my chest. He also has started to actually have real is terrible. Mean ole mother nature. Anyway, he was fussing when I was changing him and I started crying. Then I started watching the Dog Whisperer with these awesome people trying to help very aggressive dogs. They start crying and I start crying. Ugh. Now I have a headache...but I do have a sleeping baby in his swing(cha ching!). Maybe I need to just stick with MTV and VH1 during the day like a normal person.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Hero

I just found something to read for the next 7 weeks:

She has some serious blogging power. She supports a family of 4 on blogging and has an assistant. I totally need this job.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My big boy!

Landon had his 2 week appointment today. He weighed in at 8lbs! That is 9oz in 7 days! The average weight gain is .5 to 1 oz a day. We totally beasted that. He has also grown 1.25 inches in length. Apparently my milk is flowin just fine :)

Nipple Sandwiches

Breastfeeding...the thing I was worried about more than birth. Heck I never flinched at the thought of blowing out my vajayjay. That was a given...I couldn't get around that. I posted before on my worries about this subject. I have heard so many people giving up because it got hard or was harder to begin with than they thought. So I went in thinking that it would be an uphill battle. I had heard a good tactic on a podcast...."I can do anything for 20 minutes". So those first feedings, I could do it. It would be over soon enough. Anyway, this is my full journey of the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding.

Well I started to feed LT within the first hour of birth. This was more for bonding than eating. It is shown in studies that a baby at the breast and skin to skin with mom within the first few hours of birth, is beneficial to bonding and breastfeeding. Now the underlying mantra of breastfeeding is "if it hurts, something is wrong". Well, it hurt. I remember telling the nurse "I didn't think it was supposed to hurt!". I endured. I figured it was going to have to be uncomfortable at first since I have never had that sensation before. I was wrong again, he was biting me...but I didn't find this out until later. So the first couple of feedings, Landon chewed on me. Later I found out, I have short or flat nipples(not inverted) so I need to really cram it into his mouth so he can get a lot of tissue. Once I got that tip, I just made bigger "nipple sandwiches". So now when we are battling one another in positioning, I say "open wide for a big ol nipple sandwich". It makes me giggle if anything. Then I had to be able to determine what was sore pain from the previous chewing and what was biting at that moment. Once we established that, I asked for some gels to relieve some of the irritation from the biting. These were magical and I wore them the entire rest of the time I was in the hospital. So note to any preggers, take a nursing bra to the hospital with you so A) your nipples don't rub the inside of those awful gowns and B) you can use the gels if needed.

In the next couple of feedings, I had every nurse possible come to give me pointers. I highly recommend this. I asked every single one of them day and night, multiple times. They all had good hints and tips for me. Going into all this, I had the notion that there was still some formula Nazis in the hospital that were out to sabotage me. I had been listening to podcasts out of San Diego where I heard of this happening. I figured San Diego was more hippie than Raleigh, so I was in for it. It couldn't have been more opposite. Each nurse was so helpful and dove right in to help me. Now I have to say, the nurse on the last day was not my favorite. Something about her bothered me but she was helpful none-the-less. Then I had a final visit from lactation. I had already fed Landon, so we just chatted. She came in and examined my boobs and I promptly shot milk into her face. Ha! So I left the hospital with my head held high. I made it 2 days and this wasn't so bad.

When I got home, I immediately began making my nursing nests in the house. In the La Leche League meetings, someone suggested making a basic of nursing needs. We had a portable changing caddy that I quickly adopted. I keep water, nursing pads, a breastfeeding book, chap stick, lotion, hand sanitizer,nipple cream, pens, paper, and anything else I need at the moment(phone, snacks, etc). I have this with me downstairs all day and then transfer upstairs at bedtime. This was a great hint...especially when I am at home alone. I am getting pretty good a wielding a newborn and pillows all at the same time.

The Monday after, I went into healthcare at work for a consult. I just wanted to get another sign off that we were good to go. I love SAS. I can go up there and feed and pump anytime I want. I can weigh him before and after. It's great!

Now our nighttime routine is something to note. Kevin always wants to help when LT wakes up, he takes him to get a diaper change and I get set up in my chair in the nursery. Then Kevin falls asleep in a sleeping bag on the nursery floor while I nurse, burp and then swaddle. I rock him to sleep in the chair or carry him around until I hear his breathing get more rhythmic and then put him back down in his bassinet in our room. Then I go get Kevin to come to bed. He is feeding pretty much every 3 hours, or we are waking him. We have an appointment today to check his weight and then I plan on stopping waking him up. One thing I have found now is nighttime is boring. A few nights ago, I read a mindless book and that helped and earlier this morning I started listening to I may figure that out soon enough.

So as far as feeding, we are doing very well. Only minor things keep popping being that damn little hand that wants to "help" get my nipple in his mouth. Yes that little mitt with claws comes grabbing for me and I am in constant battle with it. I need bigger or more hands. Also I get mild engorgement every once in awhile and have to pump. I have been pumping around 2-4 oz in a sitting and freezing it. I plan to visit lactation at work again soon to talk about a schedule of pumping to get used to it before going back to work. Plus I will need to introduce a bottle soon enough to be in the window when he may take it.

So that is my adventure so far. Surprising easier than I thought and I am blessed to note have any problems. Go nature!

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Pics!

I have added to the Landon album in the past few days. Things to note:

  • First hair wash
  • Napping with Daddy
  • Swing time
  • Bouncy seat time
  • Aunt Rebecca and Aunt Michele
Landon's Time at Home

Watch Landon Grow

So I am stealing from Jodi and taking a picture of Landon with the same animal in the same chair each month to show how he grows. I did his first today. I couldn't decide on the animal so I did 2 for now. I am also including one that didn't turn out because the damn flash messed up but it made me chuckle:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sharing is caring

So Landon and I are already sharing....Thrush that is. It is a very mild case. So mild in fact, that the doctor said that if we were bottle feeding, he wouldn't even do anything about it. But since Landon can (and has) given it to me through my nips, we both are on drugs. Landon has the shaft on this deal. He has to take the oral stuff while I can just wipe it on my boobs. It doesn't seem painful to him and I only get a small shooting pain every once in awhile.

Oddly enough, I was scanning through my breastfeeding book to look up something and landed on the page for thrush. Kevin was carrying Landon around trying to calm him down and I started noting that I had seen a small white film on his tongue. I think I had just passed it off as milk residue but I hadn't fed him a bit so I asked Kevin to look. Sure was there. We got a cloth and tried to wipe it off and it didn't come off. So I called the Dr. and they were booked but had us come in on a first come first serve basis. We went in expecting to be there for hours, and we were seen within 15-20 minutes. Quick and easy. I didn't want to be paranoid-first-time-mom...but I also don't want anything interfering with the breastfeeding. So far we both seem fine.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mooooo I haven't had any engorgement but I decided to pump today to build my milk supply. Also my left breast was a little too full and for some reason Landon has favored my right. Since then, he has eaten a lot faster and seem to be chugging it down. Anyway, this was just a quick post to note how hard Kevin and I were laughing so hard when I started and it was shooting out of me like a cow. Hahahahaha! Fun times.

My vajayjay is painin...

Yes that is a quote from Oprah. Anyways...this is the post I wish I had known about before birth...not that I could do anything about it...but still. It would have been nice to know what I was getting into, so I am writing it down while it is fresh in my memory for all you mommy hopefuls down the road. Recovery in the first 24 hours after birth was hell. Add on top the pure adrenaline I had been running on in which I didn't sleep for the previous 24 hours (note I have NEVER pulled an all nighter until my child's birth...I was a college disgrace). Also I felt like the actual birthing part was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Everyone is different of course but I can say I had a very pleasant experience in that department. It could also be that I had mentally prepared myself for worse outcomes.

After I was wheeled to my new post partum room, I wanted to EAT. For you newbies out there, they don't let you eat food when you are in labor. So at 8:00 the night before, when your husband gulps down Taco Bell, you are left eating lime popsicles with bad jokes on the sticks. The nurse said they could make me some frozen meals or I could have fruit and muffins from the breakroom. I opted for the fruit and muffin and juice. YUM! At some point after that, Kevin and I got a little sleep...all before the epidural completely. When I woke up, I slowly realized the following things:
  • I felt like I was sitting on a bowling ball
  • My back was all f-ed up
  • My nipples were getting sore
  • I had no concept of when I needed to pee(my bladder was still realigning in my body and I couldn't tell when it was full)
  • My husband is a saint.
First off, as I mentioned in the birth story, I was VERY bruised. The only pain killer I had was motrin at this point. When I got up to go to the bathroom the first time, I just felt horrible. Trying to scoot to the edge of the bed was terrible. I then waddled like an 90 year old woman to the bathroom to witness the carnage. Suffice to say, I was bleeding a lot. Not a shocker there...but man! Then the bathroom routine began. Also add in the complete lack of ab muscles to help you pull yourself up and down from the toilet. I felt like a rag doll slowly learning to use her muscles again.

Then there was my back. A lot of it was the pain from the epidural...part of it being that I was numb for hours and had HORRIBLE posture in that labor bed. Then it felt like I could never get comfortable in the bed, chair, what have you in the room. I also was trying to get in a good position to nurse and not always sitting right. By day 2, I could get up and move around and that helped. I also did some modified yoga moves on the backs of chairs and such to help stretch. Kevin also would rub my back to help as well. To note, it did get better, and I was 300% better by the time we left...but I am highlighting the first 24 hours.

O and the sore nipples. Now I plan to post about my success(at least I feel it as such) at breastfeeding but I will note the first nursing moments here as well. Of course I didn't know what it would feel like. I worked with the nurse/lactation consultant on my first "real" feed. I remember saying "is it supposed to hurt like this at first?" This is a loaded question. People always say "if it hurts, he isn't on right". Now I will have to say, right at first, you don't know what "hurt" is. You have never had something tugging on you like that. So I would say it is uncomfortable at first...but shouldn't make your toes curl(which mine were). By the time we got a handle on how to feed him correctly, he had already given me a little trauma. I later found out that I have short nipples, so he was getting the very end and gnawing on me with his gums. Once we figured that out, and I knew what to watch for, we were on the road to recovery. I got some gels to wear between feedings and they started to heal. Now I have a little eating hooray for Wake Med nurses and their patience with me.

Next up, I pissed myself...multiple times. It would usually happen when I would get up to go and start to fill the squirt bottle with warm water. Since I had blown out all my controlling muscles, I couldn't hold it. I would have to align myself over the toilet and strategically remove the ensemble on my hooo hah to catch it. I even peed on my flip flops...which I had to leave on the floor since I couldn't bend down to get anything. It was embarrassing...but so was a lot of things.

Now through all of this, I have to say that Kevin is the greatest man alive. I mean he just saw my lady parts destroyed, multiple people be arm deep inside me to check me, and a whole person pass through me. But talk about rolling with the punches. He was there to get me anything and everything I needed. He did all of Landon's diapers that first day or 2 because it was just so time consuming and painful for me to get up from the bed to help. I tried once and my back was on fire trying to stand over the bassinet for that long. He also had to clean up after me. Like the peeing incident or when I would bleed on the floor. I was a mess...and he was awesome. Some people say a new baby puts new stresses on a marriage....well I think it just makes ours better. He is very caring and wanting to help all the time. He is always worried about me and Landon. Always making sure I am ok physically and mentally. He is awesome...and he is all mine...HA.

So there...that is the carnage of the first hours after birth. Now as I mentioned, it got much better. At one point on that first night, I broke down into tears because I was tired, in pain, and didn't know if I was getting enough milk in him. It was tough but I also reminded myself that it hadn't even been 1 day yet. There is something magical about a woman's body to heal so quickly after that kind of trauma. It really got vastly better day to day...and now, a little over a week out, I am doing great. I have hardly any more pain and very little bleeding. I can shave my legs, control my pee, and even crawl around on the floor if need be. So no ain't that bad...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Landon Thomas!

WARNING: This post will contain the FULL birth story with all the gory details. Just a heads up!

Sooo our story begins with a lovely lunch of portabello mushroom burritos, collard greens, mashed potatoes and frozen yogurt. This would be my last meal before momdom. I ate lunch with Kevin and his co workers at SAS before our appointment on the 11th. We went in at 1:30 and got started on a non-stress test. This was protocol since I was officially on my due date. I stayed in there for 20 minutes or so and got the same sort of readings I had a week before. Nothing too exciting. We then met with Dr. Sheshadri and he started asking about when we would induce. They had previously told me that they wouldn't let me go past the 18th and he was good and cooked. He then said that he and Dr. Seidel were going on vacation that coming weekend, so they wanted to get me in before then. He checked me and said I was around 3cm and 70% effaced. He called the nurse on speaker to start calling out dates but then he looked at my scan and said nevermind. He said there was a small blip on there that may mean low fluid. He doubted it but figured we might as well just go on to the hospital now. I think he already had a patient at the hospital and figured he would kill 2 birds. Also Jen's thought is that they were fighting over who got to deliver me :). The head nurse Lisa had said the nurses were talking about me at lunch that day to comment on how I was one of the best patients there :).

Anyway, we headed off to the hospital with a few calls to the parents to let my mom come on her way and Kevin's parents go get Jack from the house. We had most all the stuff we needed in the car, so we were all ready..albeit in a little shock. It was weird just walking into the hospital and strollin around thinking "I am going to have a baby soon". No hollywood drama. I checked in with the triage nurses, who had just pulled my chart from Lisa calling them. I then headed back to my room(#1 because we are so awesome) and got changed into the killer gown. They started my IV for fluids and started asking me questions to fill out my chart. My nurse was Cathy at this point and she was super nice but her shift ended at 7 :(. We chatted and she explained all the ins and outs of what was going to go on in my induction. I stayed on the fluids for awhile and then they started the Pitocin at around 4:20. I guess it took about 30 minutes or so before I really noticed a contraction. It just felt like a mild menstrual cramp....though I knew it would get worse. She upped my pitocin about every 15 minutes. The longer it went on, they got a little stronger and I could feel them in my back but was never super painful...I have had worse pains. At about 5:30, Dr. S came in to break my water and check me. I was still about 3-4 cm.

At about 7:30, I went ahead and asked for the epidural. I wasn't in horrible pain but the monitoring system wasn't working for me to walk around so I was stuck in the room and I figured I should go ahead since it would be another hour until I could get the epidural. I was at 6cm, and I hear the last 5 go faster. Also my mental goal was to get to at least 5 before I got it. So the new nurse(Bert) came in and hooked me up to my super fluids. I had to have a complete bag before the epidural could be done. I got the epi around 8:30. It was pretty painless. Just that initial sting of the lydicane in my back. The only other sucky thing was the 1 contraction I had when I was bent over my belly...but I knew it was only going to get better! After the epirdural was placed and aligned with crap loads of tape on my back, they had me lay on my left side for a bit. I needed to flip side to side to get the epidural to work correctly on both sides. I watched TV and then Bert came to flip me. When I flipped to my right, Landon's heartbeat dropped. We tried to move me a little but still it would drop with a contraction. She figured he was just laying up against his cord on that side. After we got me back to my left, she said they would need to call Dr. S back to come "refill my water". I had NEVER heard of this...and most people I have talked to haven't either. Anyway, they needed to refill it to help float him so he wouldn't be on the cord. Because of this wait for the doc, we had to cut back my pitocin until he could get there. Once he was there, they ran that line to fill me and then another internal fetal monitor to monitor the contractions better(the belly one isn't as accurate). Soon there after, they also ran my catheter. At this point I have 6 cords/tubes coming out of me. Fun. Then we were once again on our merry way. Bert made sure they could turn me and then we hunkered down for an attempt at a nap(Ha). The epi was more in my left than my right but working fine. I guess I was expected numbness all down my legs but it wasn't. I could feel my legs for the most part. My left upper thigh was pretty numb but the important parts were very numb. I could feel each contraction slightly in my right side abdomen. It was like a stitch from running. It was actually nice because I could at least tell when I was having one. Later on, I could feel him pushing down with each contraction but it never hurt.

The next few ours just flew by while watching TV and a couple of episodes of Dexter Season 1. At around 1 (maybe), Bert checked and I was at 9.5 cm. She then tried to get me to turn back on my left and once again, the heartbeat went down but not as bad. They put me on some oxygen and that seemed to help out. I also did some yoga belly breathing and this seemed to help him even more. At 1:30 I guess, she said I was 10 cm and they were going to call the Dr. She said the night shift likes to let you labor as long as possible to get the baby down and then try to make pushing relatively short.

At around 2, she said we could start pushing...this was more like practice. They didn't set up all the stuff like he would be born soon, but we just were going to help LT move on down. Kevin and Bert held my legs and Bert coached me to push while applying warm towels and mineral oil to help "loosen" me up. She also had to lower my pitocin because my body had kicked in and was making it's own contractions too. I felt I was warming up for a sporting event. I think I even got those same little butterflies like when starting a race. I wish I would have seen the chart :) During this pushing, he was low enough for them to see his head momentarily when I would push. I heard a sweet "wow" from Kevin and comments on all his hair. I was also offered a mirror, and I said no thanks...I would wait for the whole thing. This went on until Dr. S got there. We then set up for the real deal. The nursery nurse and assistant came in with the table of supplies and set up all the tables for the baby and took off the lower part of the bed. Dr. S watched me push and he seconded the nurse's statement that I was a good pusher. He then saddled up and was coaching me to push harder. This definitely felt like a sporting event now :). I was in the zone and not really looking at anyone. I could hear the excitement in Kevin's voice but I wouldn't look at him for fear of being all emotional and junk. He then told me that they were going to prep the suction in case we needed it. I didn't think twice about it. From the sounds of everyone, I was really close and it wouldn't take long. He obviously fit through the was just getting him out. He had me do more pushing now per contraction. I would like to point out here that this didn't hurt. I could feel the pressure but nothing more than a nice poop :). I think if anything, I was mentally holding back because of tearing. I knew the slower you go, the better it goes. Well Dr. S was pushing me on and I finally mentally just said "fuck it" and pushed with everything. I felt the doc stretching me and tugging around the sides but once again, no pain. A few pushes later and they said his head was more push and my little boy came right on out. 2:47 on the dot.

Kevin was teary eyed and I just wanted to see him. They were suctioning his mouth and nose out and such and I couldn't wait for the little munchkin to be on my chest. There he was, all kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs. Kevin cut the cord(even though he had said he didn't want to) and I snuggled my little one...goop and all. The nurses were wipeing him down and Kevin and I just stared at him. The nursery nurse then asked if she could take him for a weight check. I said certainly and he went over to the warming table. In this time, I delivered the placenta...though I barely remember the sensation of it coming out. I then turned to the Dr. and asked what the status was down there. He was stitching me for a 2nd degree tear but that it wasn't too bad. Honestly the stitching felt odd. Like I knew what he was doing so it was like my mind could imagine what that would feel like. Not sure how to explain that.

My little wiggle worm then got weighed in at 7 lbs 9oz, 19 inches long. He had a 14.5 inch head circumference and apgar scores of 8/9. His head had a little bit of a cone to it but not bad. They swaddled him up and put a little hat on him and we snuggled. His eyes were open and just curious. We then set me up to feed him. He took some persuading but soon was on and lightly going. Kevin went out and told the grandparents and they came in to meet him. I was starting to feel sleepy...but not tired like I thought. This was more from just being up almost 24 hours straight. They then left and LT and Kevin went onto the post-partum room. I stayed back with Bert and we had to get me to pee on my own. My epidural was pretty much worn off and I passed the peeing test with flying colors. She then explained to me that LT's heartbeat was dropping in my pushing. Dr. S had to speed things up to get him out quickly and that is why I tore and I had a good bit of bruising. Looking back, the signs were there..the suctioning, his hurried rhythm but that is how awesome he is. I never felt paniced because I didn't know. Bert said they were worried his cord was around his neck or foot but it wasn't. He just likes drama. She then showed me how to doctor myself. WARNING THIS IS GRAPHIC AND DOWN RIGHT GROSS. I had to use a squirt bottle of warm water to rinse everything because you can't really wipe. I then pat dry and spray a topical pain reliever on myself. Then I put on the sweet disposable panties and insert a gigantic back AND then a cold pack pad(this was a giant pad but you cracked it like an ice pack). This was the ritual...and it freaking sucked. But right then, I still had enough epidural left that I didn't feel much. I will go into this more in the next post on the "aftermath". I was wheeled over to my post partum room and had a snack....I was in for a few days of fading modesty, sore nipples, and waddling like no duck on earth....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Eve

So it is the night before the due date....just a little update. All weekend I had indigestion....which I never have. My hopes were high...but alas, nothing. Today I had a little bit of an upset tummy and I am pretty sure I lost my mucus plug this afternoon. Who knows. For now I am thinking Thursday. I have no idea why, but just a hunch. We have another check tomorrow after we shall see!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Thumper: Week 39

Dear Thumper,

Come out come out wherever you are. We have toys and candy....


To all the nay sayers...

In my journey of being “heavy with child”, I have learned people like to be negative. Maybe it is because I am on the other end of the spectrum, but people seem to lay and wait to make some comment to undermind your attitude. Maybe people want you to be miserable like they were or someone they know. Well I can say I have persevered and kept my peachy outlook intact! I also have learned that I want to be a much more understanding fellow “mom”. I want to highlight the happy aspects of pregnancy and having a little one more than repeating the same old story everyone has. I will provide more helpful advice than the things you will read below. On the other end of the spectrum, I have had some very positive people surrounding me. Maybe it is personality types but I have found myself wanting to be around these people a lot more. Anyway, to clarify my point further, here are a few phrases that are really getting old:

  • “your life is about to change” – duh…Thanks Captain Obvious. But why do most people have such a negative tone to that?…they obviously love their kids but they feel they need to make you feel like you are making some kind of mistake. Note this also came up when getting married…
  • “O you just wait!” – this is a pretty common one that people love to say. This can be about sleeping(like I haven’t gotten the memo that you don’t get sleep), giant boobs, annoying children, etc. I get the point people…
  • “Get a lot of sleep now” – yes yes…I know I know. But you can’t stock up on sleep people...this is just part of the role you now have…
  • “I bet you want that baby out” – this one has been going on for weeks. Apparently I am a freak for not being miserable all the time. I can say that now, at 39 weeks, I am ready for him to come out….but not for the reasons people feel to impose. I am perfectly happy being pregnant…I am just tired of the “not knowing” of his big day.
    And last but CERTAINLY not least: “O you must be so hot”, “It is so miserable outside but you must be really miserable”, “I feel sorry for you having a summer baby” – this one has been the ongoing one. Every since I have had a due date, I have had this comment. I am getting good with the replies though. For instance, do these people think I am a farmer or something? I work in an air-conditioned building all day…I then leave and get in my air-conditioned car, and go to my air-conditioned house. Is this supposed to be tough? I guess I am not following. Yes I have started to avoid taking walks outside with Jack because of the heat ….but you know what, I would probably be woosing out even if I wasn’t pregnant…plus I am slow as molasses. So to counteract all these nay sayers….I have compiled a list of why having a summer baby is super awesome:
  1. Flip Flops – yeah my feet are giant and I can’t reach them…and I don’t need to! I think I have worn tennis shoes maybe 20 times all summer. Con here: have to have pedicures…and once again, can’t reach my feet
  2. Dresses and skirts – yes you can wear these in other seasons, but it might be a little cold sometimes. I used to maybe wear one of these once a month before…now I try not to wear them everyday J also I have found anything with a waistband in the last 2 months is just uncomfortable at a desk job
  3. Pools – enough said
  4. Stroller weather – little mann will be ready for some prime fall strolling on maternity leave
  5. Fresh fruits and veggies – I have gotten to eat a lot of fresh summer fruits and veggies…I think I would slack a lot more in the winter.
  6. Next Swimsuit season – yup…I get a whole year to shape up! Not to mention good age for water play
  7. Balancing of the Mann family calendar – right now, my fall/winter is packed with things Oct. – Kevin’s B Day, Nov. – Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Dec. – Christmas, In law birthdays, Feb. – Valentine’s day, Mar. – My birthday. This August addition will help have something mid year!

So there! I am Brandy and I am the happiest pregnant lady you will ever meet…so bite me!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Nursery Tour 09'

The nursery (except for the chair)

The chair

Thump Thump Thump

A little update, Thursday we went for my weekly and I was 1.5cm dilated and 50% effaced. He is head down still and pretty low. Even I can feel that :). I am more happy with that because that is more definite than the other numbers. At least I know we won't be waiting for him to come down!

This morning little Mann decided to sleep in a little late and worried me for a bit. So I called the Dr. and reported he was moving less but that I thought things were fine since I had felt him more. They said to come on in and I had a Non-stress test for like 20 minutes. He was going bananas as usual. She said they look to see them move twice in 20 minutes and their heart rate go up with it. He moved once before she even got done setting up :). His heartbeat ranged from about 115-170. He is an active little booger. I also was connected to the contraction piece and it looked like I had 2 braxton hicks...though I could never feel them. Weird.

All is well :) Real Dr. appt on Wednesday