Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Thumper: Week 24

Dear Thumper,

Ok so I am really running behind on this one. Tomorrow you turn 25 weeks and I am just now writing Week 24. SHEESH! Last week was very busy. Mommy has to get her stuff squared away so she can spend time with you when you get here! You even gave mommy a little scare last week when you didn’t move much. But I got home and hooked you up to the monitor and you were thumpin away. I guess you were just tired. Last night I felt you make a solid movement across my belly…not just a single kick. It was fun…you should do that again so daddy can feel. No rush though…soon enough you won’t be able to move around very much.

This weekend was your first trip to the river. We did lots of relaxing and playing with the doggies. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Johanna got you a Woodstock shirt! It is very cute and we can’t wait for you to wear it. I got to wear my new bathing suit to show you off in :). I also got some sun to help you not think I am a vampire when you come out.

Well hopefully I can write your next letter before the weekend!

Your Slacker Mom

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

24 week belly...

I swear it looks bigger to seem to make me smaller.

Than again, my ginormous boobs kinda offset the size....

Ramblings of a slowly expanding lady...

I have compiled small things to blog about but nothing to make a decent guess what internet? You get them all!

First off, I found a glider! Hooray! And oddly enough, it is really comfy, a good brand, reusable AND not super duper expensive. Let me preface with the fact that these chairs all seem to be redonkulous on price. What is even more insane is that you still are paying A LOT for ugly ass chairs that you would never use under any other circumstance. You know the type. Oak wood frame with some yucky cushions. Here is a picture to jog your memory:
Gross! I am sure it is comfy but DAMN that is awful. Now the baby crap world has finally figured something out. "Why don't we just make normal chairs that glide and then people could use it past the first few years of a kid's life?" AH HA! So I started looking at these...and found that most of the time, they wanted TONS more for them when sold in a baby type store! So it was looking like I was going to have to go the expensive ugly route...BUT THEN I happened by the Furniture Market over near the house and found an awesome, comfy chair for a decent price! Not labeled I got a better deal. Behold:
Of course I don't want green but I plan to go pick out fabric this week. Something to minimize Jack hair and spit up milk stains. So YAY. We have a chair to put in a living room/den/whatever later on. And special thanks to my mommy for getting it for me. It hope to have many happy times in it :)

Next up...craft projects. I have quite a few to complete. 1st, I have decided against the full wall mural. There were multiple reasons for this. 1) I brought home a projector from work and realized I can't get it to project the whole I would have to do in sections 2) If we move in a year or so, I would be sad to leave it 3) I couldn't paint anyway so I would have to beg and borrow manual labor 4) My original design wouldn't work with the furniture covering up most of it. Now I plan to do a set of 3 large prints with the pattern of the bedding but highlight the largest letter to spell his initials(which we haven't picked all of yet). I have designed the prints in Photoshop and can have them printed on large scale at Kinkos for $7.50! Then just frame and mat them. Voila! I want to do them rather large and square, so I may have to make the frames custom. If anyone knows of a place for square frames in like a 18"x18" size(or around that)...let me know. My other projects include: making my own mobile for over the crib, getting new photos of the family and friends for either a collage or a photo mobile over the changing table. That's right people, putting on your smiley faces and a bright fun shirt...we are having photo shoots!

And last ramble, I am getting close to having a popped out belly button. I can tell it is starting to turn inside out. I am oddly excited about this. I always worry that there is gross stuff in there that you can never get out....WELL I CAN NOW. I'm weird...I know. It is the little things.

O and baby boy must be feet down today...he is kicking the crap out of some organs down there.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Thumper: Week 23

Dear Thumper,

Hey little one! You have been quite active this week. You seem to already be on a schedule. I can tell like clockwork that about 10:30, you will start moving. Then when my alarm goes off, you start wigglin :). It is so cute! I am still shopping for your room. I am trying to find us an awesome chair. I know we will spend lots of time in it. Your grandmas bought you some presents. They will be here when you are ready. I learned something neat this week in my reading. Apparently since you can hear, you can get used to everyday Jack barking and other people's voices! Neat! Hopefully Jack won't scare the crap out of you...if so...Dad can get that diaper ;).

I have started some prenatal yoga. It is supposed to help you and me both. Some of my moves are supposed to help you move around and go back to sleep. I am trying to give you as much variety as I can in that sac full of goo. I played some more music for you this week but I didn't get much of a reaction. Maybe you didn't like the choice jams of the day.

Well, as always, I hope you are happy and we can't wait to see you in just 17 weeks!


Sunday, April 12, 2009


So I totally forgot to chronicle registering. We went a couple of weeks ago with Joelle and Leah. She came along to help us with stuff she uses and doesn't. It was a great tutorial and I would have never known to register for some of these things. I highly recommend this buddy system :). Thanks Joelle! Now we still registered for some silly things but we tried to keep it simple. We got double of a few things because of needing things at the river and at home. We only want to tote but so much stuff...and a baby...and a dog. So if you see it, we aren't being greedy or made a mistake :). Anyway, I think we are done with all that mess. I can't say it is that exciting....but I did a lot of reading before hand and knew pretty much what I wanted. I am also not going all Nazi on getting the BEST of everything....because you can never tell the angle on the people saying it is "THE BEST". Enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time out for some memories

I thought I would try to make it through the month of March without dwelling on what happened a year ago...and I did. I am happy and pregnant with a spunky little boy and I feel wonderful, but I feel like I should at least say something. I still miss Pumpkin...but I know life deals you the cards and you don't get any guarantees. I had a hard time waiting to get pregnant again...but it was a learning experience and I feel I am a better person. I don't want to dwell on the past but I just wanted to stop and say that I will never forget our lost little one....ever.

Dear Thumper: Week 22

Dear Thumper,

Happy 22 weeks…a little late. I promise I won’t do that for your birthdays. You just seem to be growing so fast. I introduced you to some music last week. I went out and got you your own set of headphones and I play music to my belly when I watch TV. Most people say listen to classical, but mommy and daddy don’t really do a lot of classical. I decided you needed to learn to listen to what we like. I have been monitoring your reactions when I play. So far you seem to like the band Keane. You kicked me a few times when one of their songs was going off. You seemed to like a few songs by Ben Folds and a Jimi Hendrix cover by John Mayer. I am avoiding anything too loud or rough…you will hear that in due time. We are going to make you one cool baby! Hope you are happy in there…and keep on kickin!


Saturday, April 4, 2009


I am excited to announce that we finished a project for the baby's room. When I bought my bedding, it came with a crib sheet, blanket, and a bumper. The ruling on bumpers now are that they constrict air flow in the crib and can causes SIDS. This could all be paranoia but I figured better safe than sorry. Plus you have to take them down once the kid can stand it doesn't get a very long life. Now I got the bedding for a bargain, so I didn't feel too bad not using it. Then I started thinking that I could just use the fabric for something else. I googled around and found some different ideas and then talked with a few people and came up with window cornices! The bumper is the right height and it could be an easy project. So new cornices:

Now I still have some fabric left who knows what the next project will be :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Thumper: Week 21

Dear Thumper,

Hi. I’m your mom :). I am sure you have heard me by now. I am the one with the high voice and providing you with limitless Lucky Charms. You sure do like sweet carbs (well at least that is what I am telling everyone else). You seemed to like the oatmeal I had last night because you let daddy feel you. He has the bigger hand. We were very excited to feel you move…we didn’t think we would for awhile. It made for a great night. You are an active little guy!

We can’t wait to meet you. Your family is super excited too. They have been sending you all kinds of gifts! Aunt Michele is even looking for some shorts for you to match hers. Daddy spent a long weekend painting your room. He was extra careful and it looks great for you. Mommy and her friends are working on a big mural for your room too. I hope you like it. We love you very much…even your big brother Jack. He is the one with the loud bark. He likes to take his toys into your room…I think you guys are going to get along great. Maybe we can get him a saddle for you .

We hope you are happy in there. You don’t seem to be taking it out on me if you aren’t. Sorry for the short torso…you can blame grandma for that. If you get hungry, just let me know what you want…I am really good at eating. Speaking of, I probably should go now and get some lunch…broccoli quiche today. I hope you like it. If not, you know the drill….just make mommy hate it :)

Love you,

(21 weeks 1 day)