Tuesday, July 27, 2010


O Daddy you SOOOO funny

Alia Part 2

Took a few more shots of Alia this morning :)

All praise The Heavy

You know it from that Kia commercial....we know it as the miracle music. Landon LOVES this song. When he was really little, we sang it to him to dance to. Now, it will calm him down in the car like NOTHING ELSE! We have put this sucker on repeat for a good 40 minutes. Hey it beats that vacuum. Thank you British funk Gods...thank you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Suck on this Mama

So Landon apparently read my last post. He has been chugging milk ever since. They ran out today at school even(well it's still formula)! He drank from a big boy cup and everything. Then came home and drank breastmilk and was slurping at the bottom of the cup before I knew it! I added an oz of cow's milk and he kept going! I foresee that morning bottle going away very soon! Yay Landon! This picture says it all.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Liquid Battle

So here is my dilemma currently. Landon is being a brat about drinking....be it water or milk. He nurses like a startled squirrel. I am constantly yelling at people to not talk or move when I am trying to get him to nurse. He even hears Jack shake his tags and is all "what? something cool to play with? MUST ABORT!". Sadly, I feel this is the downhill slope of nursing but I am willing to get over it IF HE WOULD DRINK IT OTHERWISE. At daycare, he is barely drinking 3 oz of his bottles. Yesterday I sent him extra formula to be tried at meal times in his little cup. I accept it will be a mess but whatever...just get the boy some liquid! IT IS 400 DEGREES OUTSIDE! We tried a sippy cup with forumla this morning and he was half hearted....but I can't tell if it is because it is formula or that he is just being a turd. Some evenings he CHUGS his water...then I feel bad that he wasn't chugging the milk he needs. BLERG!

On top of all of this, we are talking at daycare of moving him more to a toddler schedule. He is already usually a 1 nap kid there...so they are thinking that if we move him to taking it later after lunch, he will take a longer one. I am all for trying it, but this will jam pack his morning with food and slowly easing out that morning bottle...and once again, he isn't getting enough liquid. I am planning to wait it out, I think, until his 1 year appointment to talk with her until we start transitioning. For now, we are trying to ease him into having cups of milk with his meals instead of bottles...maybe he is weaning himself a way from them? He does love to drink from my cup...so maybe it is novelty? This is a minor problem in the grand scheme of things but annoying nontheless.


O he is officially moving to the toddler room in early October. Fun fun.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Well I have been super slack this summer about updates. Too many weekends away, errands to run, and a baby to CHASE! He is growing like a weed and keeping us on our toes. I am currently trying plan for the big birthday party and keep this beast fed. Anyway, we hit a lot of mini milestones in just the past few weeks/days. Here are a few:

  1. Pulling up on everything. He has been pulling up before now but now it is just "the thing to do". The couch, your leg, a chair, the fridge, the door, etc. Cruising is in full swing. We finally started doing more baby proofing this weekend. He hasn't figured out the kitchen cabinets yet but it is only a matter of time.

  2. Pointing. Just this weekend, he has learned to point to things. Yesterday I was carrying his fussy butt around and he was pointing to the door. We went to the door and then he started rocking like "LET'S GO WOMAN". The kid loves the outdoors.

  3. Tantrums. O they are here and HILARIOUS. He gets pissed because you put him down or take his toy/something he isn't supposed to have and he screams and throws his head on the ground and moans. It is so dramatic you can't help but laugh.

  4. Signing. He is definitely recognizing signs and does milk on command now. I pick him up in the morning to feed him and that little hand is just a going and he is giggling the whole way to the rocking chair.

  5. Throwing food. This is Kevin's worst nightmare I am pretty sure ;). He has decided it is fun to sling all his food from the tray to the floor. Now it doesn't seem to mean he doesn't like that food...though he won't do it with his fruits. Heaven forbid a blueberry hits the floor.

  6. Playing peekaboo at you. He is learning to hold something over his own face and take it away. Pretty impressive kiddo.

I don't think we have long before he is walking. If he is tired of the toys, he wants us to "walk" him around the house. Scratch that....RUN around the house. He wants to go as fast as possible and laugh the whole time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th Weekend Vacation

We just took a vacation for the week of the 4th at the river. It was relaxing...for the most part :). We had the usual parade and games on the 3rd as well as an AWESOME water slide. It was fun for young and old. I came out with 2 bruises and clipped a child or 2 falling down the steps but it was worth it. Landon watched the slide and came with me in the "splash zone" at the pool end. Next year he can get more into it I think.

The rest of the week was just whatever we wanted. We played and fell into a nice routine. LT woke up around 6 am...I nursed him in bed for maybe and hour with us both dozing off. Then we got up for either wagon rides around the neighborhood or backpack rides with dad. We visited the chickens and ducks at the Powell's and he got a kick out of all the puppies everywhere. He would then eat breakfast and then go down for nap. Then up for some swinging! Lunch and then pool time! We had quite a few "code browns" so I am just not sure how people go to community pools :) We would be screwed. He even played in the river some and one day he got his own tube to sit and play in. He was known to play in the water 2-3 times a day. He just loves it.

Anyway, i don't think we have excited stories but a few little notes:

1. We saw a bald eagle chasing an osprey.
2. I fell off a float into a giant jellyfish.
3. I ordered the first thing off the menu for Landon at a restaurant(carrots and green beans).
4. We did lots of skiing and I didn't bust my ass.

Fun times. Here are the pictures: