Thursday, April 29, 2010


LT sprouted his first rice grain this weekend. He won't let you see it of course...let alone get a picture. If we have more progress....I will post again :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Boob Hub bub

So I read a lot of pro breastfeeding things. I am a fan of Kelly Mom on Facebook. I am a member of a pumping mom group. Boobs follow me! Anyway, I read a lot of articles posted by these people. Most get me all revved up to speak out for breastfeeding support for mommies and pissed off at the institutions that sabotage the process. The people who say mean things to mom's feeding in public. I get angry to know I feel like the reason I succeeded was that I was OVER prepared. I feel like I got the help I needed because I knew what to ask for and when to put my foot down for what I wanted. I feel like so many moms had to "give up" because someone made them feel like they couldn't feed their baby. So many times I heard "well my milk never came in". They say this on day 2...and I assume because someone told them the baby needed more...and that they weren't making milk(you don't for the first few days or week!). You put 2 and 2 together and then "sure feed him a bottle". Anyway...then I know the other side. The mommies who tried and tried and it DIDN'T work. Those mommies who feel guilty every time they mix formula. Heck I feel bad each time I have to mix it in for his bottles for the day...but I gotta do what I gotta do. It sucks. I was thinking about all of this lately and oddly enough, another mommy blogger wrote about it:

So here is my plea to anyone reading...if you are wanting to know more about breastfeeding, pumping, boob maintenance...anything...ASK ME. I am not shy. If you have a friend who wants to learn more or wants some advice in pregnancy or after the baby is here...give them my #. I feel like being in a very supportive environment (my works girls, family and friends) was a big encouragement. I was pregnant and already determined to make it work. I took the free formula bags and gave it all away. I know that when I have a problem come up, I have a giant network to help me. Take for instance this week! I was in training all week in another building. For a mom pumping 2-3 times a day, you could see where you could make it work...but I pump EVERY 2 HOURS for usually 30 mins! A few weeks ago, I posted to the work nursing group on what other people had done in regards to pumping. I was AMAZED at the people. I had strangers offering me their office to pump. The cafe staff said I could use their fridge. The education staff booked me a conference room for the week! THAT is the support we deserve. We shouldn't be ashamed of it and give up. I proudly carried my little bag in and out of a room full of nerdy programmers 3 times a day....and I never felt ashamed.

Ok I will get off my soap box now...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We went to the river....see pictures:

Sunday Blogapalooza!

Yeah I am slack on updates...but I have plenty to post...PROMISE. So I will start with a "gumbo" post :).

  • LT eats and eats and eats. He has now mastered finger foods and can shove it in as fast as you can give it to him (that's what she said). Puffs, bananas, pineapples, you name it. Last week he slept through lunch so when he got up...he inhaled his baby food and 2 servings of peaches at school. He was so sticky, he had to be changed. She said the onesie was wet all the way down to the diaper. Hehe. It is making going out easier too because he can keep himself occupied. Hooray!
  • Pulling up is in our not too distant future. Just this week, he was sitting on the floor beside me and he turns and holds on to me and rolls over to get his feet under him. He grunts and it takes a little help, but he pushes up! He likes to cruise with guidance at this point. We can hold his hands to walk over to the magical exersaucer and he hangs on and plays for a bit before letting go. He also likes to hang on the couch. This was a fun set of shots:

  • Sleeping. So after Easter, the kiddo was starting to wake up multiple times a night crying. We would go in and pat him on the back and FINALLY get him back to sleep. The flashbacks were giving me the heebie jeebies. We were so tired. Finally one night, we were both super tired and just let him fuss.....and right when I finally got up to go in there...silence. So he seems to have morphed into a "cry it out" baby. It isn't the hysterics it was before(i don't think all babies should be "trained" the same...some just aren't like that). Anyway, it seems us going in there is now making it worse. So this weekend, I watched him go down for nap. I put him down and then snuck into the bathroom behind him. He smooshes his face in the mattress and moans and spits. Then he will roll over on his hip(sometimes all the way) and then look around to see if anyone is there. Then he rolls back over to his tummy to moan a little more. Maybe 5-10 max and then out. He has napped like a champ this weekend. Just wait till he is fussy, sleep sack, 30 second sway to relax, then down and I leave. I am sure this will change but it feels good to get it right sometimes :).
  • Daycare appreciation is this month. We have to do all these things for the teachers. I actually am done for the month. We had my "goodie" day this week. I got them bojangles breakfast and fruit salad. DONE. Then we had a group gift, so I volunteered to do something with pictures...I figured it was "no money" and something I could contribute. Of course, being an overachiever, I couldn't just do something easy like a snapfish book. I went big. I asked all the parents for pictures, permission to take their kids pictures at school, and thank you letters to the teachers. I then set out on making a custom DVD with interactive menus and a giant slideshow with music and everything. I have to say I am pretty proud of my self and my new skill set. Anyway, Landon's teacher Miss Julie is leaving to work for Head Start so Friday was her last day. The class took her out to lunch and gave her a gift and showed her the slideshow. She was all SCORE! Mission accomplished I suppose :). I may try to figure out a way to post the slideshow somehow...I will post if I do.
  • Second Base....Landon got "bit" on Friday. A friend at school fell over on him and chomped on his leg. He got pleny of love from Miss Latoya and is just fine. We found it funny that it is on his upper thigh...Landon has rounded second base at 8 months!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post from my new toy

We got new iphones....we are useless

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New shoes = new fun

So I had some of these Robeez shoes as a gift. I totally forgot about them...since he doesn't really need shoes. Well we are trying to encourage crawling so I got them out and he has worn them for the past 2 days to school. Apparently they help him practice walk. Miss Julie said he walked all the way to the changing table hand in hand...and cackling the whole way. To prove it...we got a video of when we pick him up:

I forgot!

To post Landon's haircut!
See all the pics: Here

Finger Foods!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been trying out finger foods. We started with cereal puffs. It was a mess. We would pour them out and he would just stare at them. I swear he would eat anything in our hands...but nah. Then he started trying for them, but would rake them to the floor. Jack approves:
This then developed into getting them in about half of the time. And just in the past week, he has gotten it down pat. I sit him in his chair while I make coffee(so like 2 minutes tops) and he eats all his puffs! This weekend I gave him slices of mango and he knows to put it at the back of his gums and gnaw it down. Then this week, he has been working on picking up peas. He is doing great. He even knows to eat one piece and wait...who knew!?