Thursday, December 31, 2009

Someone want to nominate me for What Not to Wear?

Ugh. I now know how those poor people feel. I have no idea how to dress myself. It is pitiful. I went shopping at Kohls the day after Christmas to at least not spend a ton on new stuff. I got some jeans...thank god for spandex. I have already gone through 2 sizes at Old Navy but not small enough for the next size down. Now shirts are my enemy. I have to get them big enough for my boobs without looking like frump girl. Super tight? Nope...too much baby fat. Empire waist to hide belly? Nope...giant boobs emphasized. So basically my wardrobe consists of plain colored t-shirts in a stretchy cotton material. It is so boring. O and forget sweaters...anytime I have to nurse I turn into the fucking sun. So no cute sweater dress for me.

Then on top of it all...I hate having to go shopping at all. I hate spending money on clothes that *hopefully* will someday be too big.

Ok done complaining for now.

Bright note, I found some normal bras in my size that are "convertible" so I can just snap the straps loose to nurse/pump. HOORAY! No more super expensive nursing bras!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sick sick sick

Ugh. I swear we can never get this child well enough for a week and the pediatrician is making a killing on us. We had 2 nights of sleeping 7 to 4 and then BAM cough from hell. We think he hit the peak today because he spent the day pretty freakin fussy. Not many smiles today. He even cried when he ate. So sad. We have set up his room so we can most likely let him sleep on us most of the night. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

On a brighter note, this was like night 10 of the addition of bathtime to our night routine. Now he finally got it. He was splashing and smiling up a storm. It was nice to see he had a little fun today.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Routine update

Just a few updates about the new routine. 2 "true" nights under our belt(Xmas eve was an oddity because we went out and kept him up). Both of the other nights, he went down nice and easy. No crying...just laid him down and he went to sleep on his own. He slept both nights until around 1-1:30. We let him cry until he was starting to come unhinged and went in and shushed him and he went right back to sleep. he then slept until 3:30-4. At this point I fed him. He then slept until 6 one day and 7 the next. So not too shabby. We started the routine a little later tonight but it seemed to go fine. I even got smiles and laughs in the bath AND putting on jammies. We read a book and I was sure he was wired but I turned off the light and rocked him for a minute and that little head went to my shoulder. This is my sign that he was tired and ready for sleep. I put him down and he talked to himself for awhile but then went to sleep.

O and he has been waking up happy in the morning. We hear him just talkin away to himself in there. He also is taking short naps (1 hour or less) during the day but he wakes up happy once again talking to the crib or the mobile. So that must mean something in his world. I do miss the 2 hour naps though. He is getting about 3 naps a day now. I think part of the problem is at daycare he gets big bottles that can hold him over...with being just on me, he needs to eat more often. O well.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost forgot

So we haven't had the best nights but we did get one bone thrown our way. Over the weekend, LT decided he knew how to use a paci! It has been so weird. He doesn't cry for it or freak out when it falls out but it just makes him so much calmer in all aspects. We even took him to dinner tonight past his bedtime and he just sucked away and then people watched. It makes bathtime easier and it is a lot less drooly than the thumb and fist sucking. It also doesn't seem to matter about the latex vs silicone thing. It is also fun to watch him napping with it and it just randomly moving. Pretty cute :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well some people have emailed me from my post last week so I thought I would update everyone. Thursday night I took the fabulous Ambien and Kevin took the night duty. It was the best sleep EVER. I remember stirring a few times when Kevin got up but I was right back out. He got me up at 5 to feed him and we all went right back to sleep. I then did a good bit of napping over the weekend since LT's nights really haven't gotten much better. I also think the good night of sleep backfired because now it seems I can't function as well on such low amounts of sleep. My body is pissed off and punishing me.

Anyway, to help out with a little stress, Jack is spending the week with Grandmama, Grandad and Scout girl. He is getting plenty of TLC and grub to fill him up. I plan to call the vet tomorrow to see if his tests have come back that we had sent off. I am sure he is having a blast staying outside and chasing squirrels all day with Scout.

I decided to leave him a bottle for lunch yesterday and I went out to lunch with Anissa. It was a nice lunch and helped me destress. I hope to do more lunches/workouts in the new year. I may go over to see him but I am going to stop trying to always feed him. Especially with the formula, I can just pump more often at work and have some me time. On nice days I can go over and visit and then run in the neighborhood next to it hopefully.

Today Kevin and I went to talk to the peditrician about sleep training to see what we need to do or if it truly is a phase and we just need to ride it out. I am so glad we matter if it works right away or not. It was nice to just lay out what was going on and she could give us advice based on all the cases she has seen. She thinks it may be a little separation anxiety on his part. He is a little young but that is her theory. Most people seem to have the problem with putting their kids down at night...but that has never been our problem...he just wakes randomly. She recommended switching up our bedtime routine so that I am not feeding him before I put him down. So tonight we started the new routine:
1. Nurse
2. Bottle of formula
3. Bath
4. Dry and snuggle
5. PJs & paci
6. Book & snuggle
7. Down with his paci and no patting shushing or anything

He seemed to go down...I don't know when because I would go up and listen and hear him sighing or squirming but never fussing. So we shall see. It is just nice to have a plan. I will post tomorrow to note the outcome.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy 4 Months!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Therapy writing

First I am writing this to help me. If it makes no sense to you...sorry.

Well lets start with the events leading to this. Ever since Thanksgiving, Landon's nights have been anything but fun. He wakes up randomly and has gone from being able to fall back asleep with a few pats to now going to a frenzy immediately and can't be soothed without being picked up and rocked. Part of this is because when he wakes up, he sticks his butt in the air and falls over to his back...and FREAKS OUT. This happens over and is mind numbing. Part of this falls back to us just letting him sleep on his tummy. He never learned to fall asleep on his back without the swaddle. We talked about a little bit of this with the Dr. on Monday but his advice was general to say the least. He said to let him cry until he gets out of control, and then settle him. Yeah except the fact that he starts off out of control. Then there you are standing over him trying to soothe him and he just screams...hard. What to do? So last night we thought we would try true tough love. When he woke up at 11:30, Kevin tried soothing him...which was EXTREMELY hard this time. He put him on his back and we left the room. He screamed...and screamed...and at some point we both kinda drifted off but I awoke to realize he had been doing it for over 2 hours. My heart sank. Then the tidal wave of depresssion, anxiety, disappointment, and doubt came rushing in to console me. I went in and flipped him over and he was out like a light. But I couldn't go to sleep. I lay there shaking with anxiety. Was he going to be so tired that he didn't wake up? What had I done to my poor baby? I have never felt so ashamed at myself ever. And of course when I let in the 1 doubt and trouble, they all join the party. I lay there trying to focus on the dumb stuff on TV...try to think of ANYTHING positive but I couldn't. The tunnel got longer and I couldn't see the light at the end. I know everything is "phase" with babies but I don't know how to make it out of this one. And what horrible timing with the stress of the holidays. So to help me cope, here is a list of my worries...maybe this will help:

1. LT can't put himself to sleep once he wakes to I teach him without going insane?
2. Am I horrible parent for letting him sleep on his tummy with all the SIDS talk?
3. The dog is losing weight like a mad man and we don't know why.
4. The dog hasn't had a walk in weeks and I feel horrible about it(but it is the weather and getting dark early really).
5. I just started a "new job" and I can't even make it a week without having to go get him or having a breakdown where I need to stay home.
6. Pumping sucks and I fight every day to have enough. And stress is only making this worse.
7. I have a stack of Christmas cards but can't find time to send them.
8. I eat like shit.
9. I can't work out ...I never have time...
10. The thought of Christmas and being home all day is starting to scare me.

That feels a little better. I went to healthcare again toady to see about some medication. It is difficult because of nursing...and I don't want to give that up. If anything, it keeps me sane. I love it and it helps me relax. Seeing him smile with his mouth full is one of the best things EVER. So basically it was going on some heavy antidepressants all the time, or just help me sleep. I have chosen the sleep for now. The Dr. sent me home with some Ambien. Hopefully it can just help me relax and sleep. Kevin is on duty tonight.

On the LT side, since this extreme panic, my supply dropped off completely today. I pumped twice and got 2 oz total. So tonight I used that mixed with formula to put him down. He fell asleep and only took about an oz. But he didn't act like he hated it. He was just sleepy. So this is the start of supplementing...hopefully just being a little fuller will help him.

This is a bumpy road...but I think I can make it through.

UPDATE: LT put himself to sleep at daycare and slept for 2.5 hours :) YAY Landon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy 4 Months Lando!

Yesterday was Landon's 4 month check up. He is doing just fine. 13 lbs 4.5oz(20%), 25 in long(50%) and 16.5(45%) sized melon. Which seems odd seeing as all his pants seem to fit his belly but be too long. Also those little hats that come with outfits don't fit. O well. He got 2 shots and an oral vaccine. He cried right when it happened but then was fine...though he did give the nurse the evil eye :).

The shots worked their magic and homeboy slept like a champ. He went down at 6, stirred around 8:30 but went down with some patting. He stirred around 12:30 but put himself back to sleep and didn't wake until 5! He ate and then went back to sleep until we got him up at 7. WHOOP WHOOP! And since we had so many rough nights before, we went to bed at 8:30p, CHA CHING. He then took a big ole 3 hour nap today at school.

The shots then backfired today when they called me at 3:45 to tell me he spiked a fever. DRATS Now I have to stay out with him tomorrow. We almost made it the whole day! He seems fine though...just a little warm.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photoshoppin Great Grandmother!

We visited Grandmother and Grandaddy today and the lighting in the house was very low and on top of that, it was a yellow room. So my pictures came out like:

So I had to work some PS magic...what do you think?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Photoshop AGAIN!

OK this is Landon's cousin Alexis. She has wonderful eyes.

The growth spurt!

So we came back from Thanksgiving....and within 2 days, the beast wanted 7oz bottles. That is up from 5 oz. HOLY TOLEDO! He has now come back down from the buffet but still eating 6oz bottles. Now my pumping can't keep up again! ARG! Back to the supplements.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photoshop Take 2

OK tried some general image manipulation:


Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 Month Chair Pics

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photoshop Newbie

Ok I need honest opinions here. I tried a photoshop tutorial to make eyes pop in photos. Here is my trial. Is it good or creepy?


So much better..

Remember the woes of a non-napping baby?...they are no more. He is sleeping right now matter of fact. Since I had such a hard time with this...I thought I would chronicle what worked/didn't.

First off, I hate to say, there was no prayer of this before about 10 weeks. Looking back, I was right be looney...I never knew when to put him down. On top of all that, I was scared of just letting him sleep on one of us because that would mean he would learn to associate naps with us...and we would never get anything done. I was wrong. It was fine. So let them if this is the only way they will sleep. If you recall, our pediatrician pretty much told us this. Until they loose their startle reflex...get them to sleep however you want. Drive to Kansas, stroller rides until you have holes in your shoes, ANYTHING. Also the concept of "crying it out" this earlier was silly for him. It was a fussy cry I hear was bloody murder. He was never going to calm down. So rock, jiggle, stroll, swing...this too shall pass. I say that, but I know it isn't helpful. I would just get pissed when people would say "it will get better". It seemed so far away. So you can write me off too...I understand.

Now I have to say I have cheated a wee bit. Remember that LT rolled over on his tummy on his first day of full-time day care at 10 weeks? He does it like a champ now...AT DAYCARE. He has yet to do it here unless we have him on his side a little with some light patting...then BLOOP, he rolls right on over...and it is like a light switch. He can put his hands in his mouth and out he goes. So I have now cemented my worst mom of the year award by putting him down on his tummy! GASP! He sleeps SO much better. If we try a back lying is about 20-30 minutes and that is it...tummy=2 hours or more. Suck it SIDS. I also figure, if he does it on his own at daycare, his body is capable of waking. He has great neck control and even wakes, shakes his head and goes right back down. We also put him on his tummy at night for the same reason...but recall we have the movement monitor which gives us piece of mind.

So here is how the nap thing has evolved. I have kept all Landon's daily reports from school since we started. Kevin laughs at me...but whatever. I will throw them away(some) eventually but it has paid off. I could look at the past weeks and see patterns. He has let his out routine emerge and we run with it. It seems to work beautifully. Also, all those sleep books, most of them are right about this stuff. Some stuff I read that rang true:
  • At his age, 2 hours awake is about all he can take(the mornings are a little different because we wake him and put him in the carseat).
  • The "Eat, Play, Sleep" pattern is dead on.
  • Babies need at least 2 naps a day
  • Naptime cues(we have music, sleep sack, and maybe 2 minutes of walking/rocking)
  • Babies have a full sleep cycle of about an hour. It is CREEPY hour true this is. At night, I can guarantee to hear him stir on the hour...I don't even need a clock anymore.
So he eats, we play, and when he starts to fuss, he gets his sleep sack on and we walk around for a minute to get drowsy. I put on the Rockabye Baby! jams. I put him down on his tummy and he starts sucking on his hands and I jiggle the pack and play a little bit and naptime commences. There may be a little bit of fussing but he works it out and we are good. From his dailies, I see that if I feed him at 8 when we get to school, he goes to nap time around 9:30(and by around i mean a 5 minute window...creepy huh?). If he has a bottle, he usually eats around 8:50 and naps around 10. He then sleeps until 12 when I come to feed him(or this week he woke at 11:55 for his bottle). Then he is up until about 2. The afternoon is a little less predictable but it seems pretty consistent. He usually sleeps until 3:30-4 and then eats again. we get him at 4:30...go at 5:45 we start the bedtime routine.

Now this week I made a silly mistake of waiting like 10 minutes later to take him to bed....BAD IDEA. He took longer to go down and then worked himself into a mess when we let him cry it out a little. I went up to a sweaty mad baby. I held him in front of the fan and he was back out in 5 minutes but that just took a little bad.

Now concerning the early bedtime, I get a lot of "wow that is early" comments. But then I remind some of the there people of their trials of the "witching hour". I believe I read in the No Cry Sleep Solution that a big reason why kids have this is because they are tired. So going to bed early helps this. It doesn't mean they are going to want to be up earlier either. We kept trying for an 8 bedtime but we spent a good portion of our evening passing him back and forth to walk around and lull to "SLEEP"! Why not just put him to bed?....none of us were getting quality time in. Now he is happy, we can eat together in piece and have time to ourselves. Thus the 6 o clock bedtime! I think I heard from the author of the 3 Day Sleep Solution that 6 o clock in a prime bedtime for babies. And she is right with this one!

So there ya go, what I learned. And now that I wrote this, it will all fall apart...but whatever. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pumping Tip

I have a lot to write about in this area but I wanted to note this to other mommies/mommies to be. I thought this was really helpful. I definitely recommend for mommies to be if you plan to build up some supply early on when you have too much milk. I wish I would have.

A Few More Techy Additions

So I thought of a few more "good to have" items. These aren't cheap or easy but I have enjoyed them.

1. DVR - For many reasons, this is awesome. During maternity leave I would record lots of things to play in the background. Then we had to DVR all our shows at night because we spent them rocking or sleeping. We still use it because we are so backed up on stuff we haven't watched yet.

2. XM/SIRIUS - When you have a sleeping baby in the car, the last thing you want is a loud ass commercial break from some car dealer. Also the dance/techno station keeps a steady beat always...even during the DJ talking. So it is like a nice clubbing lullaby.

3. E-reader - now I haven't used this much recently but also on leave, you can nurse or have a sleeping baby on you and handed. Click the button to turn the page...TA DA!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grandma came to visit!

A few shots of Grandma's visit this weekend. Lots of giggles and smiles:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Great Blog

So Autumn (fellow daycare mommy) sent me a link for a mommy blog. It was a post of a low milk supply(that is another post for another day) but I started browsing more posts. She did an article of colic. It is great. Landon was no where near this level but I felt a lot of these feelings. It is great to hear so many people think the same things. The guilt for your feelings is overwhelming and you start to feel really overwhelmed. Anyway, here it is:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chattin with Grandmama

Mannly Mama's Survival Guide for the First 3 Months and Beyond

Ok future mommies to be. Here is my list of things I would recommend you get if you don't have:

1. Nursing tank tops: Buy them now and I recommend taking them to the hospital too. I got mine at Target. I have 4 in rotation that I wear to bed. They are easy to snap one handed and they keep your belly warm in the middle of the night . I can see buying more to wear under things in the winter for that very reason. I recommend for the hospital because those gowns SUCK for more than 1 reason. I would take one of these and like an old cotton skirt you don't mind ruining.

2. Snap shirts - We got a set just like this as a gift in newborn size. It was by far our favorite article in the early weeks. When they are so little and so new, you HATE pulling stuff over their head. These shirts are great. They are also great in the night when he spits up on it. It is much easier to change him without him getting fussy. I bought the girl set for Jamie and Scott because I LOVED it so much. I still love the monkey pants. He now has monkey pants and alien pants and bear pants. They are super functional for a kicker who has a vendetta against socks. Also the daycare staff just love them! Carter's also makes just plain white ones in a pack. We used those for night time and the cute ones for going out.

3. Kiddopotamus swaddles - First off, I don't see how new babies sleep without swaddles. Watching him try was just torture. His little arms would just fly up...poor thing. Or sometimes they will just slowy rise. This would happen in the car a lot and I called them "zombie arms". Well in the hospital they swaddle with blankets...and you can do it...but it is hard. Especially since they are all scrunched up and you don't want to get it too tight...but you gotta or those little arms will be out in 2 seconds. That is where these bad boys come in. Joey and Joelle had shown us with we already had 3 waiting at home and I bought a 4th for the rotation because one night he went through 3 with spit up (note they are like $ in terms of baby crap). You could wrap up the burrito and he would never get out. Also no worry of a blanket getting lose and going over his face. This is also nice when nursing because those little hands like to reach around ...but not when swaddled! I also found it good to put him in it, carry him in my arms and wedge the paci in his mouth with my arm. I would then walk on the treadmill at 2 mph and he would be out like a light. That wore off after about 8 weeks but it was golden until then. I would even put him in it and put him in the swing to ensure a good nap sometimes. Without it, he would be all zombie armed in no time and up.

4. Nalgene OTG Everyday bottle - This may seem random but I love these. I have 3 of them. I got one for work when I was pregnant to make sure I drank enough and they were BPA free. I then got one for the river and then another to leave at home. Now you may be saying "but it is just a bottle" but you would be wrong. See that little ring? That means you can carry it on your finger...while carrying a baby...and a diaper bag...and whatever else. Most times I am carrying it with the boppy and the boy to nurse. I never thought it would be so crucial to have around but it get one.

5. Angelcare Baby Monitor - This monitor is great. I actually wanted a video one..but they were pretty expensive and no one got it for us off the registry :). This monitor was sold on the bulletin board at work for $50. Heck you can't get a good regular monitor for that price. This monitor isn't just for also detects movement. The SLIGHTEST of baby breathing movements. Now I know you are skeptical...and I was too. But we tested it out when LT was maybe 2 weeks old one afternoon for a nap...and it works! If it senses no movement for 20 get a warning beep and at 30 seconds it goes off. We have had 3 false alarms in the past 10 weeks. One was last night when we think he got too far over from the center of the crib and it didn't read him well. is a peace of mind thing. And ESPECIALLY when you have a 10 week old that can roll over onto his tummy. You know...the EVIL position. Well highly recommend...nuff said.

6. A cradle swing - I won't specify a brand or anything. If I had to do it over, I would want one with an AC adapter. Ours EATS batteries but I got it as a gift so I am grateful! This was my saving grace on some days. I could put him in this and at least be able to make myself lunch and sometimes he would nap in it. Early on, he could sleep for hours in it. The last 5 weeks of so though...we get about a 30 minute nap tops. Not sure why but whatever. He now is old enough to see the fish mobile and lights. So if he is a little fussy and overstimulated, I get him soothed down by walking for a few minutes and then he can swing and stare at the fish. I am sure it will come in more handy when we can put the tray on and let him play with stuff.

7. Cloth diapers - Stacks and stacks of them. We have the full absorbency ones and then the little thin ones. We have them EVERYWHERE. For a baby who spit up A LOT, you need then mass quantities. Those cutesie burp clothes are a joke....they can't with stand the Landon test. We also learned to use the thicker ones under him on changing tables so you would just throw that in the wash if it got dirty instead of washing a whole cover. After the baby stage is over, I will have cleaning clothes for YEARS!

8. Baby carrier - Baby Bjorn, Moby wrap, need one...or multiples. The Baby Bjorn has allowed me to eat lunch with friends, get chores done, and save a fussy stroller ride. Any carrier should work...but know your options. I have a really nice sling, but my boy doesn't like to be carried "like a baby". So cradling is out. He likes to be upright or on his tummy. He can now face out and likes looking around. This was also another napping savior. If all else failed, I could strap him in and go for a walk. He was always happy being close and I could wedge the paci between him and my boobs....glorious. At restaurants I could put a burp cloth over his head and eat. I also carry it in the bottom of the stroller so when he starts to scream murder to get out, I have an option before someone calls social services on me. I see the Moby coming in handier can readjust to carry him on my hip or back since he has better neck control.

9. White noise machine - Though you can make one if you need to. We have one for his nursery that is fancy. It does white noise, music, or can hook to an iPod. It is also a night light. But I had to get crafty at the river and just took the alarm clock and put it on static. Our boy likes loud sounds. So much so that one morning he was crying and I was carrying him around and just yelled really loud out of frustration and he fell asleep. Weird I know.

10. iTunes track of a vacuum cleaner - it cost 99 cents and it is worth 20 times more. We use it constantly. Car name it. It can put him in a trance.

Awesome day!

I know I am jinxing myself but whatever. The Wolfpack won...the world is all kinds of crazy. Anyway, first off, we tried a little of crying it out in the wee hours this morning. He was fussy and I was exhausted so we gave it a whirl. He was fed and changed so I soothed him and left him. He started crying. We let him go. He cried hard for about 10 minutes then off and on for another 10...then randomly a little one here and there for 5 and then was silent. He started up again with little ones an hour later but I went in and his little nose was he was waking up, crying 1 time and then trying to go back to sleep but he was all gooped up. But otherwise...not too shabby.

Second, he seemed to be pretty scheduled with his morning nap this week at daycare so I ran with that. I looked at the times and it seemed he would go to sleep anywhere from 9:15 to 10. This correlated on when he had been fed since it was different times different days. So this morning he started to get fussy playing, so I scooped him up and walked him around on his belly to mellow him out. Then Kevin got him and patted him back on his side and he fussed and rolled over and we turned on the music in the Pack and Play and giggled it for a minute and OUT. He then slept for 2.5 hours while Kevin played video games and I showered and cleaned. It was GLORIOUS. I even had to wake him at 12:30 so he would eat...though he was eating his hands in his sleep :). The afternoon nap didn't go as was a kitten nap but I think we got him down a little late. Thanks daycare for giving me a freakin clue about this boy! Anyway check it out:

So we finally got him to nap in the pack in play...with very little fussing...for 2.5 hours....and he found his thumb. He is pretty much going to be walking on his hands by 5 months and working on the unicycle by a year...I just know it.

P.S. He just went to bed like a CHAMP....just please let us have a good night!

Visitin with my Great Grandmama

Friday, November 6, 2009

The perfect storm

Baby cold + time to come out of the swaddle + 3 month growth spurt + daylight-savings = sleep hell and one crabby mommy.

You have been warned.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We went to a little party Saturday evening. Landon did wonderful and didn't fuss hardly at all. He wore his little pumpkin onesie and put on his pumpkin hat for a few photos (since it was like 70 degrees!).

The first baby cold

Mr. Landon has his first little head cold. Wednesday night was rough with sniffles and coughs. I took him to the doctor in the morning and cold is the verdict. Sore little throat and stuffy nose but no fever. He has been getting up a little more at night with coughs and in need of some nose sucking. Hopefully he will feel better soon....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Landon and Alia

More fun at daycare with my chatty friend Alia:

Friday, October 23, 2009

2 Month Chair Photo

Yeah I am behind...sue me. Here is Landon at 10 weeks:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Daycare Pics

I took some pictures at lunch yesterday of some of the tykes playing around:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on Daycare

Landon ended up taking a 4 hour nap. So to outline, he ate at 7...went to sleep at 9:30 and slept until 1:45. Then awoke and ate 2 bottles in a rush. Silly boy. But the real reason he slept so well, HE ROLLED OVER ON HIS TUMMY! I had seen him up on his side when he was playing before I left but I didn't think he would progress that fast. Daycare (and us) put him on his back but once he turns himself over, we are allowed to leave him (re: SIDS). To add to this, we were still swaddling him for nighttime. Obviously we don't want him turning over without his arms so tonight we are swaddling him with his arms out. We shall see how this goes......

On another developmental note, he found his feet this weekend. He enjoys finding them during diaper changes...just to make it difficult. It is pretty cute to watch though...him throwing those legs up. :)

Of course...

So today is my first day back at work. Everything is going fine. He slept for 5.5 hours last night, ate, and then went back to sleep until 6 when I got in the shower but went back to sleep on Kevin in the bed. That means I got like 8.5 hours of sleep! Made it to daycare by 8...even beat the teachers. Left him playing with toys and he rolled over on his side! plan was to go feed him at lunch since he would have eaten at 10. I just called to check to see if that was still on track and no...he has been asleep since 9:30! Yeah...the same kid who napped all of 2 hours total all day yesterday. What a turd....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chatty Cathy

Landon was talkin up a storm today and I happened to get it on video:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 Month Check Up

Friday was Landon's 2 month check up. He is a whopping 11 lbs 4oz and 22" long. Pretty average...he was around the 50 percentile for both. Everything else checked out and then he got his first round of shots. He took them like a champ. He had the one big scream where it didn't look like he breathed for 30 seconds but then Kevin scooped him up and I fed him...and he has been fine ever since. He slept some really long stretches last night and I actually woke him up this morning since I was about to explode. :)

Daycare Playing!

A video from the awesome day 2:

Daycare Day 2

BEST DAY EVER! So first off, he slept long stretches Wednesday night. Including a 4.5 stretch between feedings! THEN Kevin went and got him from his crib while I was in the shower and he fell back asleep in our bed and we left him until we left for daycare at 7:45. He went in the carseat happy and I decided to change his clothes and diaper at school. He was super happy all the way to school and NEVER cried and wasn't sleeping. This was a monumental thing in itself. We got into daycare with no problems. I changed him with happy smiles and lots of coos. Then while I put all his stuff away, he played with his jungle mobile until I fed him. He then went back to playing as I left.

When I got back...I saw this:That's his crib! He had been asleep for 45 minutes. THEN she told me this was his 3rd nap in his crib! AND he even put himself to sleep once. YIPPEE! He took his bottle just fine and had lots of fun playing with the black and white mobile (they took it down from the changing table for him to play with on the floor). We then came home to visit with Aunt Johanna and Aunt Rebecca. He then napped on me for a little bit and had a great night. I am one happy mommy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to photograph your Baby

I get told a lot that I take nice pictures. People think it is because I have an SLR camera. This really mean nothing. I have more settings but you can do a lot with a little ol point and shoot. A lot of my "talent" is just being able to frame a picture and follow these simple rules. So fellow mommies(except Jodi of course...she gets the real deal), here is a book I recommend. I also own the companion DVD. I heard the author on my podcasts and loved him. This is a series of easy tips on taking better photos. You can check it out from the Wake county library. I got the older version which talks of film so I haven't read the new one but the points are the same.

The basics are 1) Get closer to your subject. I notice this with people pictures in general. If you want to take a picture of someone...take a picture of them. Fill the frame with a person...not a person and a table full of crap or a background of cars.

2) Turn off your flash. Flashes on cameras suck...plain and simple. Find natural light from a window or something like that. If you have to take pictures in a dark space, invest in something to at least bounce the flash. Here is how to make one. An example of bouncing light is(this was a relatively cheap bounce flash bouncing off a wall mirror in a dark room):As a comparison case here is with flash and without:
Granted they aren't great shots of him but you get the point. See the shadows? Also the best outside light is dusk and dawn. The best pictures I have ever taken are outside at sunset. Midday light is horrible for the most part unless you find shade.

3) Take tons of pictures. Keep hitting the button...that is the glory of digital. Take them using the view finder(not the screen) and don't look at the screen everytime. You can delete later...just keep taking them. Especially with kids, you can get great action shots this way. If you have a continuous shooting mode, even better. Just hold the button and it does the work.

Well those are the basics. Try it and you will see. Here is a link to the book and his website:



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Monkey

Tell me this doesn't look like a monkey:
He loves to hold onto the collars of your shirts...and sometimes Daddy's chest hair.

First Day at Daycare

Tuesday I decided to take Landon up to daycare for a few hours so he could get used to it, I could see what kind of routine I will need, and so I could get something done! He had a lovely time playing with new toys and took a nap on one of the teachers. I hung out for a couple of hours to feed him and just play and see the other babies. He will be going back on Thursday for a few hours I think too.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Soooo the pursuit for a bottle was not easy. At first we tried Medela(since those are the bottles I pump into). He would get WAY too much milk even with the slow flow nipple and choke himself. Next up was the Playtex vent bottle with a playtex nipple that seemed slower to me. Same thing with the choking and screaming. I then bought Playtex nursers with the liners and we had a winner. I figured it had to do with the drop ins and it supposedly regulates the suck pattern more like breastfeeding. I then went and bought a box of them and brought them home. Tuesday, Deb tried to feed him with one of the new ones and he wouldn't have it. Fuck. Then I realized my mistake, the original one had a latex nipple(paid no attention when I bought it) and the new set was silicone. Switched to latex again the other night for Kevin and bingo...he was just fine. But even more exciting, I started thinking..."hmmmm I wonder if this same concept will apply to pacifiers?" Landon has fought them from day one but once he gets the rhythm again, he sucks away and it really calms him. Today we went out to BRU and bought some new nipples and a 2 pack of latex pacis and BINGO. He went to TOWN on that thing and I just put him to bed with it in his mouth. It took 3 minutes to calm him down from screaming to sleeping. PRAISE THE LATEX GODS!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A little more than the blues

Sorry for the pause in postings. I have been busy this week and also taking it a little more easy. I had a few tough days last weekend and by Tuesday, I was crying at pretty much anything. Me....the one who never cries...the one who never once "cried at a kleenex commercial" during pregnancy. I kept waiting for that one day that I just got all weepy at nothing...and it never came. Apparently the hormones were just saving up their power for now.

So there...I am having a tough time. It has taken me some courage to admit it but the first step is acceptance right? With the combo of sleep deprivation, hormones, an active baby, and long days at home...I have had some trying times. The reason I am writing about this is because I know I can't be alone. There are times it sucks...I admit it. When my back is on fire from carrying him for hours and I haven't eaten anything AND he is still sucks. When he has been awake for 3 hours and still won't sucks. I long for a nap...a margarita..heck even an hour of testing would be better.

My other enemy was reading books to try and "help" the situation. I was trying to figure out how to get him to no avail. "Newborns sleep all the time" everything said. I wanted to throw something. Now I did learn some good things from them I think but overall I think they were just making it worse. So I sent them all back to the library.

On Tuesday, I hit the breaking point. Like I said above, I couldn't stop crying. I even had Kevin at home in the morning but I just couldn't stop. When I would try to talk with him about it, I would just cry harder. It hurts to admit it isn't the picture perfect experience...especially to him. I am frustrated and have thoughts of unhappiness...THEN I feel guilty for feeling that way. What kind of mom, with a perfectly healthy baby, has such feelings? It just snowballs....

Finally Kevin suggested I call health care and talk to someone. So I called to get an appointment. I couldn't even make the appointment without crying. Poor Kim seemed to sense it on the phone and refused to make me wait until the next day. She found me the first person who could see me...on Flu shot day. I saw the new Dr. and just talked about my feelings. I know they are medical doctors but I wanted to just make sure it wasn't something else. She said she was very proud of me for coming in and it was good to talk to someone. That it is very common and I am not alone. She also checked my blood sugar, thyroid, and something else that I can't remember. She recommended a postpatum depression clinic out of I am going to see them on the 14th.

The rest of the week has gone much better. I have kept busy to not let the walls close in and LT has done very well. I know it gets better...just sometimes time seems to crawl. Also many people have said that 6 weeks is the hopefully that will prove true. Today Kevin stayed home and it was fabulous. I can say it probably has been one of my best days since his birth. He slept most of the day actually and was very happy in his awake times. There was very minimal crying but having another set of hands is always helpful. I actually got laundry done, slept in until 8, packed up all the announcements, and finished up all the DVR! AND we got LT to bed by 7:45! I am living one day at a time and trying to just go with the flow. Tuesday I plan to try and take him to daycare to maybe get a few hours to myself and see how he does.

Overall I am lucky to have a baby who knows what night time is...who sleeps for longer than 30 minute stretches...that knows my face...who is gaining weight...and is pretty fucking cute if I do say so myself :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeeper Creepers

He can really use his peepers! I know...corny. Anyway, LT loves to look at shapes and stuff. I had also neglected to get him a mobile because honestly, I thought most I found were just stupid looking. The baby perspective was horrible. So I found this online: I made it for him but now (with a little paper, tape, thread, and leftover cereal boxes) just need to hang it. I may need to redo it with high test fishing line but we shall see. It is basic black and white patterns and shapes and I have been using the extra cut outs for playtime and he seems to enjoy them. I also taped some of them to the backseat of the car for him to look at there. Then I even have one in my purse to use as a quick distraction when he is somewhere. I am so prepared :) Here are some pics of it:
And then Landon's perspective(may need a bigger star):

Dance Partay!

Are my ears bleeding?

Holy smokes can this boy shreik. He showed his talents off last night trying to go to sleep. 1.5 hours of trying. He would trick us with thise closed eyes and droopy mouth and then BAM screaming like no other. We are working on a schedule to nap more in the day so we aren't so over tired. Today he has had about 2.5 so far and some good play times. So keep thinking happy thoughts!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello World!

Landon is really starting to smile at things cute! He is also up to 10lbs 7 oz...chug a lug little boy! I don't even think he has hit his 6 week growth spurt yet!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

1 Month Chair Photos

We had fun with Mr. Hippo :)


Sweet Jebus Mr. Hippo...DON'T EAT ME!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Smart Boy

Sorry for the pause in posts...been a tad busy with Senor Fussy Britches. Last Thursday we had an appointment to "get to know our newborn". At SAS healthcare, they will examine all babies(no matter if they are primary cared for there for not) to show their temperament to their parents. It is all based on their reflexes and the way they respond to stimuli. So here is Mr. Landon:

What I'm Good At:
Great tracker; good reflexes; calms easily*

How I Send Out an SOS:
turn red; tremors; activity increases

How I Try To Bring Myself Under Control:
Fencing; sucking

How You Can Help Me:
tummy time; swaddling; pacifier

What I'm Working On:
neuromuscular development; learning to trust; getting into a routine

It was very fun. Of course, he was a gem while there. Note the *. That is because of COURSE he calms when someone else is watching him...this exam wasn't at 5 in the evening, we could have had different results. But she showed us all his reflexes. She was very impressed with his tracking with a rattle and looking for me when I talked. Since the exam, we have been learning more about him. Going along with the tracking, he really likes to focus on something to calm himself. For those of you have been to the house, there are a series of glass pictures with trees on the wall in the living room. He LOVES looking at these. We walk around the hall and he just stares and stops crying( ain't magic). He also likes looking at faces like most babies. I had him on the ottoman to play and caught him watching the TV when it would be a single person on the screen. He also was crying for like an hour yesterday afternoon off and on and when I changed his diaper, he just wanted to lay there and stare at the people on the wall. If I tried to pick him up, he I just sat in the nursery while he stared at the wall :). Very interesting. She also explained that he is a very active what interests him one minute, will we have to be on our toes. Joy! But she pointed out at least he can go with the flow. Some babies are really routine and get all out of whack when things are exactly the same. He loves to be jiggled as well. Last night he was bright eyed at bedtime and I swaddled him up and walked on the treadmill for, no lie, 36 seconds and the eyes were shut and he was a like a rag. Awesome. I just let his head jiggle a little and it is kryptonite. I did it again this morning for 5 minutes and he was out then for a 2 hour nap. Cha ching. Now I just have to work on him taking naps without us getting him to that state. Fun.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Month 2 begins!

Landon Month 2

Friday, September 11, 2009

State of the Mommy Address

Well it has been 1 month since I gave birth (well almost...I will be at the river tomorrow = no internet). I kept saying I would post about my condition after he was born but kept putting it off. I figure a 1 month window would work. I will try to do a 6 week postpartum to coincide with my doctor appointment. Thinking of that, why do they wait until 6 weeks after? Seems like they would want to check you earlier...whateve. Anyway, I am doing very well. No more pain at all down below and it looks like everything is back to normal. For something so traumatic, it is amazing how quickly it can heal.

Next up, boobs. They are quite large. I never got engorged(yay) and they are now on a pretty regular cycle and don't get too full anymore. At first I would have the occasional enlargement but nothing horrible. I don't know my exact size at this point. My nursing bras aren't good indicators since they are made to expand. I am going to guess a 38DD-38DDD. Fun. I can now actually just wear a plain tank/shirt to bed and sleep on my stomach without any pain. I say that is pretty good. I can also take a shower and not have to hold them. Before, the water beading down on the nipples was killer...but that is much better.

Now for the flat tire around my waist. That was really weird at first. I felt like I was on one of those gastric bypass shows on TLC. The sagging skin was just funny looking. It started rebounding pretty soon after I got home. It is still weird but not as floppy I guess. Not too bad. The bad part is the stretch marks. I almost made it without them. They didn't show up until like the last week or so of pregnancy. The skin around my belly button just couldn't take it anymore. There isn't a ton and they aren't super noticeable. I am kinda bummed. I doubt I will ever be comfortable in a bikini again...o well. As Billie put it, I can look at it as Landon scribbling his name on me :). I still have the dark line down my belly but it is getting lighter. I know that they go away eventually. Weird phenomenon. I am still wearing a lot of maternity pants because my hips are definitely wider but they are going down. I got into my PJ pants earlier this that was good.

Overall, I gained 40lbs while pregnant. I can say about 10lbs was in the last month or so. I kinda gave up one eating super healthy because of being tired at night and I couldn't do a ton of exercise. Plus I was really busy with stuff and didn't have a lot of time to workout. O well. I almost immediately lost 15 lbs after he was born. I have now gone down about 23 or plenty to go. I think I am still retaining a little water because my engagement ring still doesn't fit. I hope to be able to run after the 6 week marker. The mornings are so nice and cool now that I really want to already. On our walk this morning, I had to stop myself from jogging. All I know is I will need to invest in some good sports bras :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bath we come.

After:Hooray! That silver nitrate was the ticket!

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Today was Landon's infant class meet and greet. We went to see the classroom and meet the teachers and other parents. There are 8 kids in the class...3 boys and 5 boy will be pulling tail in no time :). 2 of the mommies were in my hey baby that was exciting. We are all first time moms. It was cool to swap notes. They both have girls around 7 weeks old. There are 3 girls born within 4 days of one another. Landon is currently the youngest but will be second youngest once the last boy is born. The oldest kid(Grant) was born in there is a big difference. Each kid gets a color to represent them. We then get a roll of tape that color to put on all their stuff. Landon got orange...we were wanting red...o well :)....better than carolina blue. LT can officially start daycare at 6 weeks and we start paying for it then. I might use them as a mommy morning out sometimes to maybe go to SAS for a run or something.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yup...that's my baby...9lbs 5 oz. That is 10 oz in 6 days people! This kid is growing like a bad weed. We had just a little appointment at the doctor today. We had a weight check and talked with a new doctor(we are still rotating). She was really nice and spunky. I like her! Anyway, LT's umbilical stump still hasn't fallen off so she put some silver nitrate to help it along. Apparently sometimes the skin starts trying to regrow instead of just die. He is one of those lucky ones. :) It has been kinda gooey down in there...GROSS. She also noted that around the 1 month mark, babies can fight sleep. I swear this child is text book. He is so active during the day. Michele and I were noting he probably is developing his brain faster than his body and is frustrated he can't do much. He is calm active for about 20 minutes and then it turns to fussy. Sometimes I get lucky with a swing, bouncy seat, walking, paci, etc. But most of the time, screaming. Anyway, good to know it is just a usual phase. As for calming techniques, walking on the treadmill with him swaddled yesterday was like kryptonite. He was out by the 2 min mark. Also carrying him in the moby wrap and walking works well...except it makes us both really hot. Cmon Fall!

Well that is the update for now. Maybe if we have a happy period this afternoon, I can get some fun photos.

P.S. He is sabotaging my attempts at tummy time because he freakin rolls over to his back. In like a split second...grrrr. I am trying to record it but he is so darn fast!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have taken plenty of photos and my new way to organize my photos is by month. So now I have an album for Landon Month 1. I will just add to this one until next Saturday and we move to Month 2!

To note, I will post more about my DVD on baby photography I got and the easy ways to make better photos (babies or otherwise).

Landon Month 1


Sorry for the delay in responses. Just for a quick list of things:

  • We went on our first outing with Grandma last week. We started with just a trip to Brueggers for lunch. LT cried most of the time but we sat in a corner and I rocked the stroller to keep it tolerable. Tuesday we went out shopping and to La Shish. He was great and slept the whole time.
  • I had a lactation appointment at health care on Thursday. I decided to make it my first attempt at taking Landon somewhere by myself. We went in and had lunch with Dad and then visited with my group afterwords. He was GREAT. He slept the whole time except to eat at the appointment.
  • At the appointment, I weighed him out of curiosity and he had gained 11 oz in a week! Man he can eat.
  • We made our first trip to the river this past weekend. The drive down was one big nap and we had some good relaxing time. The drive back was rocky with lots of crying but we survived. He got to meet more of the family and seems to like to ride in the wrap in the breeze.
I have more pictures I am uploading now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I heart my moby wrap!

So I finally mastered the Moby wrap. Kevin's mom's friend Susan got it for me as a shower gift. I had seen them online and really liked them but they were a little intimidating for the price. I was so excited to get one. I even took it to a LLC meeting to get someone to show me how to use it with a real baby when I was pregnant. I also watched like 3 youtube videos before attempting it. It is like 5.5 meters of fabric you strategically wrap around your torso to hold your baby all kinds of ways. I broke it out on Friday and have loved it ever since. I get to go to the bathroom, do my makeup, throw the frisbee for Jack and even eat with both hands! All of this while he sleeps! He seems very happy all nestled in my chest. Next thing to learn is the hold where he can nurse discretely! Anyway....I played with the isight camera on the mac and made a little video of us since I can't really photograph myself in it :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Damn You Day Time Television

Maternity leave is a fickle bitch. You get this time to recover and bond with your baby. That is wonderful. But then you have these ranging hormones, a fussy baby, and then the dreaded, daytime television! For those of you who know me well, you know I am not an overly emotional person. Even in pregnancy, I kept waiting for these crying spells everyone talked about. You know the scene. Prego lady crying at a Kleenex commercial. I never had that. I don't even know if I cried while pregnant at all. Well those suckers are coming at me full force.

This first instance happened before we even got out of the hospital. I was feeding Landon and watching CSI reruns. Kevin went to refill my water cup (literally seconds) and by the time he was back I was bawling and yelling for him to change the channel. It was the episode where the couple basically euthanize their baby because they think he has tay-sachs like their last baby they lost. Yeah...and of course the baby didn't have tay-sachs. I was a puddle of goo. Now to note, I know it has to be directly related to me doing something with Landon. Feeding being a big one...which I know hormones are raging. Reason I say this, I have been watching A LOT of CSI these past few weeks and that hasn't happened again. And there have been dead kids and ridiculous scenarios galore. I am posting this now because it just happened again. Landon has been pretty fussy today except for the cat naps he has taken on my chest. He also has started to actually have real is terrible. Mean ole mother nature. Anyway, he was fussing when I was changing him and I started crying. Then I started watching the Dog Whisperer with these awesome people trying to help very aggressive dogs. They start crying and I start crying. Ugh. Now I have a headache...but I do have a sleeping baby in his swing(cha ching!). Maybe I need to just stick with MTV and VH1 during the day like a normal person.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Hero

I just found something to read for the next 7 weeks:

She has some serious blogging power. She supports a family of 4 on blogging and has an assistant. I totally need this job.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My big boy!

Landon had his 2 week appointment today. He weighed in at 8lbs! That is 9oz in 7 days! The average weight gain is .5 to 1 oz a day. We totally beasted that. He has also grown 1.25 inches in length. Apparently my milk is flowin just fine :)

Nipple Sandwiches

Breastfeeding...the thing I was worried about more than birth. Heck I never flinched at the thought of blowing out my vajayjay. That was a given...I couldn't get around that. I posted before on my worries about this subject. I have heard so many people giving up because it got hard or was harder to begin with than they thought. So I went in thinking that it would be an uphill battle. I had heard a good tactic on a podcast...."I can do anything for 20 minutes". So those first feedings, I could do it. It would be over soon enough. Anyway, this is my full journey of the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding.

Well I started to feed LT within the first hour of birth. This was more for bonding than eating. It is shown in studies that a baby at the breast and skin to skin with mom within the first few hours of birth, is beneficial to bonding and breastfeeding. Now the underlying mantra of breastfeeding is "if it hurts, something is wrong". Well, it hurt. I remember telling the nurse "I didn't think it was supposed to hurt!". I endured. I figured it was going to have to be uncomfortable at first since I have never had that sensation before. I was wrong again, he was biting me...but I didn't find this out until later. So the first couple of feedings, Landon chewed on me. Later I found out, I have short or flat nipples(not inverted) so I need to really cram it into his mouth so he can get a lot of tissue. Once I got that tip, I just made bigger "nipple sandwiches". So now when we are battling one another in positioning, I say "open wide for a big ol nipple sandwich". It makes me giggle if anything. Then I had to be able to determine what was sore pain from the previous chewing and what was biting at that moment. Once we established that, I asked for some gels to relieve some of the irritation from the biting. These were magical and I wore them the entire rest of the time I was in the hospital. So note to any preggers, take a nursing bra to the hospital with you so A) your nipples don't rub the inside of those awful gowns and B) you can use the gels if needed.

In the next couple of feedings, I had every nurse possible come to give me pointers. I highly recommend this. I asked every single one of them day and night, multiple times. They all had good hints and tips for me. Going into all this, I had the notion that there was still some formula Nazis in the hospital that were out to sabotage me. I had been listening to podcasts out of San Diego where I heard of this happening. I figured San Diego was more hippie than Raleigh, so I was in for it. It couldn't have been more opposite. Each nurse was so helpful and dove right in to help me. Now I have to say, the nurse on the last day was not my favorite. Something about her bothered me but she was helpful none-the-less. Then I had a final visit from lactation. I had already fed Landon, so we just chatted. She came in and examined my boobs and I promptly shot milk into her face. Ha! So I left the hospital with my head held high. I made it 2 days and this wasn't so bad.

When I got home, I immediately began making my nursing nests in the house. In the La Leche League meetings, someone suggested making a basic of nursing needs. We had a portable changing caddy that I quickly adopted. I keep water, nursing pads, a breastfeeding book, chap stick, lotion, hand sanitizer,nipple cream, pens, paper, and anything else I need at the moment(phone, snacks, etc). I have this with me downstairs all day and then transfer upstairs at bedtime. This was a great hint...especially when I am at home alone. I am getting pretty good a wielding a newborn and pillows all at the same time.

The Monday after, I went into healthcare at work for a consult. I just wanted to get another sign off that we were good to go. I love SAS. I can go up there and feed and pump anytime I want. I can weigh him before and after. It's great!

Now our nighttime routine is something to note. Kevin always wants to help when LT wakes up, he takes him to get a diaper change and I get set up in my chair in the nursery. Then Kevin falls asleep in a sleeping bag on the nursery floor while I nurse, burp and then swaddle. I rock him to sleep in the chair or carry him around until I hear his breathing get more rhythmic and then put him back down in his bassinet in our room. Then I go get Kevin to come to bed. He is feeding pretty much every 3 hours, or we are waking him. We have an appointment today to check his weight and then I plan on stopping waking him up. One thing I have found now is nighttime is boring. A few nights ago, I read a mindless book and that helped and earlier this morning I started listening to I may figure that out soon enough.

So as far as feeding, we are doing very well. Only minor things keep popping being that damn little hand that wants to "help" get my nipple in his mouth. Yes that little mitt with claws comes grabbing for me and I am in constant battle with it. I need bigger or more hands. Also I get mild engorgement every once in awhile and have to pump. I have been pumping around 2-4 oz in a sitting and freezing it. I plan to visit lactation at work again soon to talk about a schedule of pumping to get used to it before going back to work. Plus I will need to introduce a bottle soon enough to be in the window when he may take it.

So that is my adventure so far. Surprising easier than I thought and I am blessed to note have any problems. Go nature!

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Pics!

I have added to the Landon album in the past few days. Things to note:

  • First hair wash
  • Napping with Daddy
  • Swing time
  • Bouncy seat time
  • Aunt Rebecca and Aunt Michele
Landon's Time at Home

Watch Landon Grow

So I am stealing from Jodi and taking a picture of Landon with the same animal in the same chair each month to show how he grows. I did his first today. I couldn't decide on the animal so I did 2 for now. I am also including one that didn't turn out because the damn flash messed up but it made me chuckle: