Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I heart my moby wrap!

So I finally mastered the Moby wrap. Kevin's mom's friend Susan got it for me as a shower gift. I had seen them online and really liked them but they were a little intimidating for the price. I was so excited to get one. I even took it to a LLC meeting to get someone to show me how to use it with a real baby when I was pregnant. I also watched like 3 youtube videos before attempting it. It is like 5.5 meters of fabric you strategically wrap around your torso to hold your baby all kinds of ways. I broke it out on Friday and have loved it ever since. I get to go to the bathroom, do my makeup, throw the frisbee for Jack and even eat with both hands! All of this while he sleeps! He seems very happy all nestled in my chest. Next thing to learn is the hold where he can nurse discretely! Anyway....I played with the isight camera on the mac and made a little video of us since I can't really photograph myself in it :)


  1. Do you have a bjorn too? I'm trying to wrap my head around all my baby wearing options. I got a used bjorn fairly cheap, I'm wondering if I should get a super awesome moby wrap too or just a sling and bjorn. Any advice??? :)

  2. we have one but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe I will give it a whirl tomorrow. More than anything it is a better option for Kevin. I will let you know. I also have a sling as well.

  3. So Jamie I tried the Bjorn and it is GREAT. I like it better for the hug hold actually. Now I can see the Moby being better to have different types of holds. The Bjorn is just easier to throw on quickly. Kevin tried it out tonight and loves it :). Now I still have a sling to try.