Monday, September 20, 2010

Mouth of the South

So just in the past week, Landon has started "talking" more. He just babbles to himself or a toy. Over the weekend, we could see him on the video monitor just talking to his toys and pushing them out of the crib. The cutest has to be when he "reads" books. He will hold the book and turn the pages and babble like he is reading. He does this a lot in the bathtub. Adorable. Anyway, it is hard to get a video of him half the time but I got him talking on the swing at the park. You can also witness the awesome crab glasses. He will wear these glasses for a long time without even attempting to remove them. It is hysterical.

My boy's love for a slide

So weekend before last, Landon and I went out to Shelley Lake to meet Jamie and Margo. For those of you that don't know, Margo is 8 months old going on 30. She is the cutest little bundle of rolls :).
Anyways, we had a nice stroller ride/walk around the lake and then headed to the play area. We have never been to a playground. This was an unknown...though I know he loves swinging. He was glued to watching the other kids. Luckily it wasn't super crowded and we soon got a swing.
He swung for a bit and then Margo had to we ventured to the slide. Landon found love. He squealed as I let him slide down the bottom.

Then he just wanted to hold the side.

A little girl came to play and he got to watch her too!
That is the end of the photos. Mommy can only juggle the toddler and camera alone for so long. We tried the curly slide and the bumpy slide and loved them all. He cried hard when we had to leave.

Last week his teachers noted that he was 'slide king' when he would visit the other class and go outside. Anything he could slide on, he would. So this weekend, we took a trip out to Laurel Hills park because it will close at the end of the month to be remodeled. This was a park Kevin went to as a kid and it was kinda nostalgic. A lot of the equipment was too hot at lunch time but luckily we found a slide in the shade:

IT was so much fun. He just squealed the whole way down.

Fun was had by all and here are the pictures from the events:

Shelley Lake with Margo

Laurel Hills Park 9/19/2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby steps

Yup....our days are done...

Monday, September 13, 2010


One of Landon's newest things is pouncing on you. His favorite is to sit in his Elmo chair and then propel himself out onto you. This wasn't Elmo but he was attacking Da Da.

Better Late Than Never

Here are the videos of the birthday cake:

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Fashion Week Everyone....and I snagged a free purse

Over the weekend I made the mistake at looking at an InStyle magazine. Then I began to realize my frumpiness. I have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight(yay!)...and as I knew(refrain from saying I told you so), it is somewhere else. I can fit in my old jeans but the ass just hangs off me. Heck half my pants are too big. I know..."why are you complaining you dumb beaver?" but I don't want to have to shop and face the frumpiness full on! I don't know how to dress myself and I don't have the patience to find out. I also don't want to spend money! I am trying to get better about working out so I HOPE that means I will shed some fat from my awesome muffin top. So this week I planned to step it up and wear something different. I wore my platform mary janes! I felt I need to find some cheap clothes. Mission....dress better without taking out a loan or giving Kevin a heart attack.

I turned to ole trusty Bulletin Board at work but didn't really see anything worth perusing. Then I decided I needed a new purse but KNEW Kevin would get all "you don't need a new purse...wah wah wah" so I started creatively thinking. I work with a girl a few years younger than I. She dresses AWESOME. She is super cute without looking ridiculous (like mini skirts and rain boots or some shit like that). ON TOP of that, she has an identical basically she has double everything she wants to wear. So I always ask her to help a sista out when she cleans her closet and she was like "ya know I need to do that". Then I asked her..."hey wanna get rid of some purses to a frumpy mommy in need?" Her answer? "What color?". CHA CHING! Today she brought me 2. I chose 1 of them in a lovely emerald green leather from Nine West. Apparently she is now spoiled by Kate Spade so lets hope she had those for me next season. THEN she told me to just take it...for free. Hells yeah.

This may seem silly for a post but you didn't have my week. This was a big win in my book. O and I will look totally hip when going to see Piranha 3D tomorrow night....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye Bottles and Pump Horns

I have waited for this day. First let me start by saying I love breastfeeding just as much as I thought I would. It was/is wonderful. Easy, special, and a magic bullet for a fussy baby. That being said, pumping sucks ass. I think I will delay future children just so I can have a bigger gap of time where something plastic isn't stuck to my boobs. UGH. I wrote about my trials with pumping early on. I never responded well. I tried it all. I finally just came to the realization that I needed to stop stressing so much about it and just do what I could. That meant for 6 months, I pumped 4 times a day at work. 4 TIMES! Do you realize what this does to your day? It was awful. I hated telling people "uh sorry you can't come down because I am pumping". Everyone got used to it but I still hated it. So at the beginning of July, I decided to start dropping pumps. This was really silly in retrospect. I read too much for my own good. I read of all these people talking about the engorgement they would get when they didn't pump those first few days of transitition so I started "dropping". I have never been looking back...I probably could have dropped all 4 and never felt at thing. In that last month or so...I was lucky to get 4 oz all day. It was pitiful but I was determined. The week of LT's birthday, I stopped...and oh how sweet it was. I wasn't carrying 15 thousand bags to work, cleaning pump parts, wipeing milk off my desk, etc. Life was back to normal!

After that things moved quickly. I was sending Landon to school with mixes of cow's milk and formula. I also sent just a big container of cow's milk to practice drinking in cups...and he rocks at it. He was drinking at lot at his meals and one day Brackett called from daycare and was like " um he drank 5 oz of milk at snack in his cups so do you want me to give him a bottle?" I said no and then he did the same the next day. So we just decided he didn't need either bottle so I just sent 1 in case he freaked out but I said not to "plan" to give it to him. He never batted an eye and even sat next to Josh when he had his and never made a peep. She said she had never seen a child wean themselves off bottles. Ta da. So you know what that means?! LESS DISHES!

Then I decided since we were on a roll, I needed to drop the bed time one too. He hasn't "needed" it in a long time and he was getting enough in the I took it out. He had about 3 nights where I stopped nursing and picked him up to go to bed without the bottle and he cried and fussed but went right to sleep once he was in the crib. I just took the last of the bottles upstairs for storage tonight...awesome awesome awesome! This is one happy mama.

P.S. For what it's worth to anyone wanting to know, he drinks from a variety of sources including sippy cups, little shot glass type cups at school and some at home, smaller child size cups, my boobs(morning and nighttime), anything I am drinking from, and the rinse cup in the bathtub. I think he drinks more bath water than anything. :)