Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Fashion Week Everyone....and I snagged a free purse

Over the weekend I made the mistake at looking at an InStyle magazine. Then I began to realize my frumpiness. I have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight(yay!)...and as I knew(refrain from saying I told you so), it is somewhere else. I can fit in my old jeans but the ass just hangs off me. Heck half my pants are too big. I know..."why are you complaining you dumb beaver?" but I don't want to have to shop and face the frumpiness full on! I don't know how to dress myself and I don't have the patience to find out. I also don't want to spend money! I am trying to get better about working out so I HOPE that means I will shed some fat from my awesome muffin top. So this week I planned to step it up and wear something different. I wore my platform mary janes! I felt I need to find some cheap clothes. Mission....dress better without taking out a loan or giving Kevin a heart attack.

I turned to ole trusty Bulletin Board at work but didn't really see anything worth perusing. Then I decided I needed a new purse but KNEW Kevin would get all "you don't need a new purse...wah wah wah" so I started creatively thinking. I work with a girl a few years younger than I. She dresses AWESOME. She is super cute without looking ridiculous (like mini skirts and rain boots or some shit like that). ON TOP of that, she has an identical basically she has double everything she wants to wear. So I always ask her to help a sista out when she cleans her closet and she was like "ya know I need to do that". Then I asked her..."hey wanna get rid of some purses to a frumpy mommy in need?" Her answer? "What color?". CHA CHING! Today she brought me 2. I chose 1 of them in a lovely emerald green leather from Nine West. Apparently she is now spoiled by Kate Spade so lets hope she had those for me next season. THEN she told me to just take it...for free. Hells yeah.

This may seem silly for a post but you didn't have my week. This was a big win in my book. O and I will look totally hip when going to see Piranha 3D tomorrow night....

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