Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pumpkin's First Photo Shoot

And here's Pumpkin! We saw the little heart beat today :). Looks like we are measuring at 6 weeks and 1 day today. That means we are to a October 29th due date. So the Dr. sees that as behind based on the usually markers so we are going back in 2 weeks. Personally I am fine with that...the more I can see Pumpkin...the happier I will be. I had just heard about these fetal dopplers you can rent to hear the heart beat at home to reassure that everything is ok...but if I can just go to the doctor a few more times...that will be good as well.

I also learned that the prenatal vitamins with fish oil are disgusting. I had been taking these for a week when I finally smelled one...and then proceeded to burp a fishy taste for several was awful. So I switched to a plant based omega 3 source and it seems much better.

On Friday, Joelle unknowingly told me about these pregtastic podcasts. They are great. They are about all kinds of topics. It is a group of girls that come together to talk and interview doctors, authors, business owners about pregnancy. I have been listening to them while I script at work and it makes the time pass quickly. I highly recommend!

I told my boss today. I know they say to wait until 12 weeks but I felt weird taking off for so many Dr. appointments. I never have them and I figured she would worry. She hadn't noticed and she was very excited....even more so that I was due in the fall :). I think she is a little excited to know before Amy(Kevin's cousin and her best friend).

And lastly, an update on how I am feeling. I still don't feel sick(minus the fish pill episode). I still have really sore boobs. I pretty much have some kind of bra on at all times. I can start to feel some ligaments in my abdomen stretching when I stand up and walk briskly. I get a little tired right after lunch...especially when I don't work out. In the evenings, all I want to do is lay down and watch TV. I got a plantar wart on my right root over the weekend. I don't know if it hasn't anything to do with this stuff. But I asked my doctor about medicines and he SWEARS that duct tape works. His wife is a pediatrician and her kids do it and it works. Who knew?

Welp Mommy is coming into town for my birthday this weekend...going to finish cleaning!

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