Thursday, February 10, 2011

Selfish mommy

At the moment, Landon seems to be in a phase(please God let it be a phase) of waking up early as hell and screaming at the top of his lungs. I am pretty sure he is testing us because it isn't constant like he is hurting. He is trying different tones to see what gets a reaction. Too smart for his own damn good.

Our usual rule is, he doesn't come in our room before 6. We just let him deal with it. It used to be he would just give up and go back to sleep, but lately he doesn't. Just stands there at the crib rails yelling. It starts off a GREAT morning, let me tell ya. So this morning he did his first chirp at 4:57. Ugh. It was once and it seemed like he was asleep again but I knew it would be long. 5:27 and the screaming is full on like someone is beating him. Now for mommy to rack her brain on what to do. Let him scream and not give in or give up just so you don't have to hear screaming for another 45 minutes until your shower. So I was selfish and went and got him. And you know what? I might pay for it tomorrow morning, but it was worth it. He curled up on my shoulder and just laid there. We swayed and he just snuggled. No squirming to get away. No requests for Blue. No head butts. No hitting. No fussing. Just me, him and the white noise. He then let me rock him. This NEVER happens. He likes to torture backs(part of his MO). We rocked and he rubbed his feet on me and babbled a little bit, all the while glued to my shoulder. Now my neck is on fire and I have a serious headache was worth it. Because he will never be 1 year, 5 months and 30 days old ever again. I will probably be cursing myself in the morning when he is up trying to get the same treatment but it's ok...I am a selfish mommy and proud of it...

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