Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yup...so we got a lot of snow...well for NC standards. This was Landon's first snow he could actually play in. He LOVED it. He loves knocking snow off the bushes, eating it, throwing it, you name it. I got some sweet shots of him and even a cute video with Grandma.

To note, Jack also had a fantastic time at Grandmama's house playing in the snow. He gets super frisky and runs around like a maniac. He loves to dig in the snow and root his nose around in it. Go figure. The boy has NO hair on his belly either!

Here are some shots(trying out Picasa collages....LOVING IT)

P.S. This snow residue is really fucking with my running schedule. It sucks.


  1. Great pictures! Too bad the boys couldn't play together in the snow.

  2. We still have some in the backyard :). You are welcome to come!