Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Water Day

Today was water day at daycare. I was so bummed I couldn't go to see...stupid meetings. They put them in little tubs outside in their diapers and let them play. If I knew my boy, I knew he was going to have a blast. I have to pull him out of the bath crying most every night. He would stay and become a prune if I let him. Well when I picked him up, I was right. He played and played. He also swindled 2 ladies into joining him in his tub :) Miss Lalan and Miss Amelia. Apparently most of the other babies were not fans of water day. Once again adding to the evidence that my child is afraid of nothing.


  1. Again, a trait he did not get from his father.

  2. true mom said I was never scared of anything until I met my first African Gray parrot who screeched at me from his cage.