Monday, June 8, 2009

Well now we have somewhere to leave the little bugger...

We got word on Friday that we will be accepted into the fall class at Bright Horizons across the street! Kevin and I have been getting a little worried because we keep hearing of people not getting in and being WAY back in the line. To recap for you non-sas people, the way daycare works here is that you can sign up for on-site care, bright horizons across the street, or both. The BH across the street is pretty much completely maintained by SAS. They pay for all the spots so we can get them all and I think they pay part of the facilities and such for the building...just not the staff. So as soon as you have a due date, you sign up for daycare. We signed up for both but due to all the preggo women, I got beat out for on-site. The formula for admittance is based on seniority and when the baby is due. What sucks though is that even if both parents work here, it doesn't factor can take only 1 seniority. Poo. But whatever, we got in across the street and we are excited we don't have to worry with that anymore!

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  1. I think you'll be happier at BH in the long run anyway... based on what I've heard, anyway...

    Congrats!! Awesome to have that piece of the puzzle in place!